Santa Rosa Executive Protection Specialist

Santa Rosa Executive Protection Specialist

Santa Rosa Executive Protection

Our Santa Rosa executive protection services work with our clients to provide the necessary protection needed for many different events. Each of the team members that we have on hand providing the executive protection come from extensive backgrounds. With protection and tactical means high on their list, you can be sure that their VIP protection services were made for VIP clients. We work to find the client a specific executive protection agent that fits the needs that the client has. Corporate security services are important and when you use our services you can ensure that you have the necessary corporate protection that is needed.


Since we work with numerous clients throughout the entire world, you can ensure that you’re obtaining professional, knowledgeable VIP protection when the time comes. This protection is given to clients looking for a way to visit the world around them with the necessary protection needed to do so. All the personal protection agents that we work with have strong backgrounds such as coming from Law Enforcement, Military and Federal Agents. We make sure to consider the backgrounds of all our agents to provide the best VIP security services needed.


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Our professional guards work with you to provide a detailed report of the threats in the area. They work to minimize and eliminate the threats out there. As one of the top executive protection companies out there, you can expect that you get more from what they’re giving. We match the services needed by the client to the specific personal security professional.


We provide these VIP security services:

  • Event Protection
  • Discreet Personal Protection
  • Corporate Security Services
  • Public Speaking and Charities
  • Public Security
  • Celebrity Protection


With our corporate security services, you can feel much more confident having the necessary protection when it is needed the most. Call us today and we can make sure you get the bodyguard needed for all the events you have going on.


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