Marijuana Security in Santa Rosa

Security is busy with the booming cannabis businesses in Santa Rosa.

On January 1, 2018, California began doling out hundreds of licenses to cannabis-related businesses (CRB) all across the state. In total, 173 dispensaries were permitted to legally sell mairjuana on that first day.

Santa Rosa was the third city in Sonoma County to get the pleasure of selling recreational marijuana to anyone over the age of 21. One of the most popular dispensaries is called SPARC, which has various locations to serve its customers. And while many residents in Santa Rosa are on-board with the new laws, there have been some obvious security needs that have been exposed.

That’s where First Security Services comes into play. This security organization took notice of the growing probability for recreational marijuana stores, and immediately took action in response. With a product that is so high in demand sitting on shelves, CRB were going to need all the help they could get keeping their businesses safe.

What Was the Plan of Action?

First Security Services was one of the very first organizations to realize these increasing needs for security, and to implement a plan that would provide the highest level of protection to cannabis businesses in Santa Rosa.

With the changes in the California cannabis industry, a new specialty team was created: a special services division that focuses entirely on cannabis protection.

A Unique Set of Skills

At the core of this special team would be a group of ex-military professionals, trained in both tactics and combat. Robust strength wouldn’t be the only thing that was necessary, but it would certainly be an important component of keeping businesses protected.

In addition to maintaining their basic training, our marijuana security guards have been trained to always treat physical force as the last resort in any situation. Only when all other attempts to diffuse the situation have been attempted, should physical force come into play.

That being said, our team is still trained to be prepared for anything, with additional skills including:

  • Taser
  • Pepperball
  • Tactical, combat casualty care
  • Batons

Protection From All Sides

First Security Services has educated its staff about all of the ins and outs of running a cannabis- related business. With that in mind, our team knows that business protection doesn’t just mean looking scary at a storefront entry, or wandering the aisles to intimidate people.

While we can provide that service, we also acknowledge that a cannabis business has other security needs as well. This includes protection that is needed during product purchases, transportation of inventory, bank deposits, drop-offs, and more.

Our 420 security emcompasses all of the different moving parts of running a cannabis store. If we see any potential threat or risk during any stage of business ownership, we will provide the proper security measures to make sure it goes smoothly.

The Technical Part Of It All

First Security Services takes pride in knowing that it was one of the first to integrate a cannabis security plan into its services. After its inception, the team recognized that not only should its special services team know how to keep a business safe, but how to keep it in business, as well.

The special unit is required to obtain a vast range of knowledge about how the state and the city of Fremont regulate cannabis-related businesses. This includes knowing about all of the protocol a business must follow, and how they should go about it.

For example, the Bureau of Cannabis Control (BCC) requires that all cannabis stores integrate high-end video surveillance into their stores. Additionally, all employees are required to have and wear an identification badge at all times, and they must fill in the proper log books to keep track of daily practices.

If our team of marijuana security guards notice that a business owner is lacking in their required regulations, we’ll do everything we can to get them back into the clear. By acknowledging that some business owners forget or don’t have time to follow all protocol, we ensure that we have the knowledge to help them maintain a properly-run business.

In the end, following protocol is just as much a safety measure as adding security cameras or lighting in your parking lot. By checking local and state laws, a business is certain to experience a much more pleasant and successful business venture.

Consult With Us Today

If you want your cannabis-related business to experience a safe and successful venture for years to come, you should consider setting up a consultation with our team.

During a consultation, we’ll ask all kinds of questions about your vision for your business and how you want things to be run. We’ll focus on the day-to-day tasks you want to achieve, how many employees you want to hire, what you’ve planned for product transportation, and more.

The more we know about your business and how it will be organized, the better chance we have of creating the perfect risk management plan for your specific needs.

With a risk management plan, we’ll point out all of the potential threats and problems that could arise, and we’ll show you what we plan to do to reverse them. This will include physical threats like break-ins and theft, as well as any issues we see in accordance with the state and local laws in Santa Rosa.

To provide you with even greater piece of mind, our special team is also qualified to train your own staff, in the event that they are faced with a physical or violent threat in your store. This is an added feature that helps employees to feel safer and more prepared during their work day.

Additional services we offer include:

  • Residential, personal, and travel security
  • High value asset transportation and protection
  • Risk, Threat and Vulnerability Assessments (R.T.V.A), plus Cannabis Security Plans & Consultations
  • Active Shooter and Workplace Violence Training

Our special services division is ready to provide the highest quality of protection to any CRB in the Santa Rosa area.