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Santa Rosa Temporary Security Guards For Hire

Santa Rosa Temporary Security Guards For Hire


Santa Rosa Temporary Security Guards

We provide temporary security guard services in the Santa Rosa and surrounding areas. Whenever you need a bodyguard for a short period, we can ensure that you get the right match for the occasion. Whether you need one for the events you’re going too, an event that is going on or to provide crowd control; we have the security guards needed to provide the security in the area. Whether it is for one day or a short period, we do provide temporary security guards.


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We Provide Services For:

  • Private Events
  • Public Events
  • Crowd Control
  • Shows and Conventions
  • Many Other Uses…


We provide trained, professional bodyguards that are providing you with the necessary protection services. We have multiple bodyguards that are ready for all types of services that are required of them. Depending on the services rendered, a lot of the bodyguards on hand provide these services for you. You just need to give us a call and let us know more regarding the security services you’re in need of so we can fit the best security guard you’re in need of. Serving Santa Rosa and surrounding areas, we can travel for the security clients need.


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