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A substantial portion of California’s land mass borders the ocean.  Although there are many famous beaches that become ritual for surfers and vacationers to visit, Seacliff may be one of the few that is both beautiful and historically interesting.  While most of Seacliff’s 3,267 residents live a short distance from the beach, the center of activity falls on the small sandy land mass that sits between the cliffs and the water.  It is also here that a decommissioned cement ship, the SS Palo Alto, finds its permanent home.  Because of this unique tourist attraction, Seacliff attracts people from all over North America who come to sight see and camp.  Despite being a traveler’s location, Seacliff maintains a low crime index of 1.862%.  As impressive as this is, Seacliff confronts a larger concern for safety than just criminal activity – residents of Seacliff face challenges associated with the water, the preservation of the ship, and the supervision of shops and restaurants along the beach.


Seacliff Private Security Guards & Services
First Security’s team of proven professionals work to minimize the stress over safety for residents and institutions by offering the following services:


Seacliff Retail and Residential Security Guards

Similar to most beach oriented towns, Seacliff’s real estate is relatively high; however, there does seem to be a large population of high income yielding residents.  Since many tourists are not of this demographic, services such as property watch, surveillance and neighbourhood patrol might be best to prevent vandalism or theft.  For those vacationing, there needs to be tight security on campgrounds, fishing zones, and popular beach areas.  First Security offers the following services in response to these concerns:


  • Security for Special Events: Being a tourist location, special events of all kinds tend to take place.  It may be a business retreat, a wedding, a scout expedition, or even just simply a busy day by the water.  When dealing with special events and large crowds, First Security acts to protect everyone and their surroundings.
  • Food Industry Services: Restaurants are popular places to escape from the weather and have a leisurely meal.  Sometimes it is hard to anticipate how much fun in the sun someone is having and it is reasons like this that a security presence is essential.  Unruly customers and individuals who threaten the safety or reputation of a business must be dealt with.
  • Armed and Unarmed Security Guards
  • Cannabis security plans


While educational facilities are not located in the immediate Seacliff region, the schooling process is still a larger part of adolescent life.  Campus security is just as important as in bigger cities for this reason.  Recent statistics show that 89% of individuals are high-school graduates or more.  While Seacliff is also short of malls, the principles that apply to shop protection are still relevant for beach stands and local businesses.


Seacliff Institutional and Corporate Security Services

Because Seacliff is only 5 miles south of Santa Cruz many residents chose to commute to work.  As many people are then working in Santa Cruz, the institutional aspects of Seacliff are fairly congruent to those of the bigger city.   First Security provides the following services:


  • Office Building, Construction Site and Warehouse Security:  Even locations such as these need a 24 hour security presence to protect against vandalism, break-ins, and other intrusions.  Especially true for office buildings, security works to protect any comprising files that companies keep in their office space.
  • Government and Corporate Services: To both of these we offer execute protection.  Like office buildings, we recognize how essential maintenance is for both the safety of the employees and their work efforts.
  • Healthcare Security:  In dealing with patients and staff we guarantee a safe, undisturbed atmosphere for medical practice.  First security monitors all individuals entering and leaving the premises to prevent any disruptions from occurring.


While bank, airport, and biotech security services are important as well, their services might be useful for only a select few in Seacliff.  However, for any of the services mentioned, First Security dispatches officers that are both trained for armed and unarmed confrontation.  All security personnel have received extensive instruction on the proper use of weaponry, combat and restraining strategies, as well as peaceful techniques to diminish threats verbally.  First Security’s guards are always professional and efficient, always considering the client’s best interest.


Seacliff Private Security Guards

Similarly to the services provided for special events, First Security’s technology resources and professionals are available for personal service contracts as well.  Whether this is bodyguard protection, vehicle patrol, or property watching, First Security can provide a service for you.


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Ensuring the safety of yourself, your loved ones, and your co-workers has never been easier.  First Security has served North California for over 40 years with excellence and professionalism, proving to be more than adequate to handle any job.  See for yourself and speak with our team of consultants who will guide you through the flexible, hassle-free process.  To contact us you may call the Santa Cruz district’s phone line at 1-800-778-3017, or at your own convenience, submit the form located on First Security’s homepage for a free service quote.  When it comes to the security of family and community, one should not settle for second-rate.  Simply put: First Security is reliable and efficient.  Don’t hesitate to contact us; you deserve to feel secure about the security service you are using.


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