Security for Checking ID’s

you are hosting a party, planning an event, or running a business, it is important to make sure that only the people you want to be there are getting through the door. This is especially necessary if you are putting together an event or own a business that serves alcohol. To keep your guests, or employees safe as well as stay on the right side of the law it is a good idea to hire security professionals to check IDs at the door.


Underage drinking is a major problem. People under the age of 21 often attempt to enter an establishment with the intention of consuming alcohol. If caught this could prove to be a costly mistake. Event planners and business owners can be held responsible and face fines, the loss of their liquor license, or even incarceration. The risk is too great to ignore. With security checking IDs at the door, this possibility can be eliminated and you can protect yourself and your business.


Alcohol is not the only reason you may want a trained security professional checking IDs. If you operate any type of retail warehouse or stock area, museum, research facility or any other type of business that has a large inventory of valuable items stored, it is absolutely required to know who is there and what they are there for at any given moment. In 2014 alone, US businesses lost over $44 billion due to theft and other types of fraudulent behavior. Having logs of verified identification for everyone who enters and leaves your facility can help prevent these types of losses saving you money and valuable inventory.


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Simply having the visual security presence of ID checks can help provide an effective deterrent to theft. Workers and associates also feel secure in the knowledge that no unauthorized individuals are in the building with them. This leads to a safer environment for everyone and a better workplace for your staff.


First Security Services can provide trained and experienced security personnel to check IDs, provide perimeter security and much, much more. We have been serving the Northern California area for over 50 years and have a presence in most major cities. We work with individuals, corporate offices, industrial facilities, school districts, and healthcare organizations. With over 600 professionals, we can work with any size business. Contact us today for a free quote by phone at 1-800-778-3017 or by filling out our online contact form.