Security for Construction Site

According to the National Insurance Crime Bureau, vacant homes and construction sites are the most prone to crimes such as burglary and vandalism in the country. Tools, equipment, and materials are all expensive, and when they go missing or are damaged it can turn a lucrative contract into a loss. When you take this into consideration it is clear that construction site security is absolutely essential, especially when work has stopped for the day and there is no one at the site.


Security for Construction Site
Good construction security starts with controlling access to the premises. A security professional can check credentials of workers, vendors, and visitors and make sure they are authorized to be there. Maintaining visitor logs and equipment logs ensures that no one goes into the site that shouldn’t be there, and nothing leaves that should be. No tools, materials, or equipment will be released from the job site without prior authorization, preventing costly losses. In addition, construction sites can be dangerous places. Keeping unwanted intruders out helps you avoid injuries and lawsuits.


Continual perimeter patrols ensure that no attempt to gain unauthorized access to the construction site is made. A trained security professional will be able to constantly verify the integrity of fencing and other access control devices such as gates and signage, verify that all equipment is secured, and any unwanted loiterers or visitors are evicted quickly. Having a 24-hour security detail can also help control and manage any homeless activity around the work area.


Hire Visible Security to Help Deter Criminal Acts on a Construction Site

A visible security presence at a construction site can also act as a deterrent to potential burglary and vandalism. Valuable tools and equipment are enticing for amateur and professional thieves alike, but when there is a strong visible security solution in place, most would-be criminals will move along to an easier target. Threats are minimized before a conflict can even arise.


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