Security for Monitoring Guest Lists

You have put together the perfect event. You did all the planning, hung all the decorations, hired the best caterers in town, booked the most beautiful hall, got the coolest DJ in town and planned every detail right down to the guest list. It couldn’t be any more perfect until your event got over-run with party crashers. You can prevent this type of thing from happening to you by hiring highly trained security professionals to check the guest list.


Security for Monitoring Guest Lists

A great party or event is a wonderful way to spend an evening, but you want to make sure that the people who are spending it with you are exactly who you wanted to spend it with. Having security at the door checking to make sure everyone in attendance is on the guest list ensures the safety of you and your guests. There are many different types of intruders that attempt to enter a party, event, or conference without being invited. Sometimes you will have problems with an ex-lover or former friend who decides to take it upon themselves to show up where they are least wanted. This can lead to an awkward situation at best, and even a dangerous altercation at worst.


Security Will Keep Party Crashers Astray

There are also some people who attempt to crash parties and weddings simply to get free food or for the thrill of doing something that is considered a social taboo. Weddings are often the target of these types of unwanted guests. There are often a large number of guests from many branches of both family trees, and especially if there are a couple of guests who decided not to attend your special day even after RSVPing, an unknown outsider can slip in under the radar and avoid being noticed. Most of the time, both families won’t know everyone from the other side of the aisle (or even all of their own family members for that matter,) and wedding crashers use this ambiguity to their advantage to slip in unnoticed.


While these types of intruders can simply be looking for a drink or two at the open bar or a free slice of cake, it can sometimes be more nefarious. Crashers are sometimes looking to make off with wedding presents, monetary donations or other types of property. Whether it is money from a dollar dance for the happy couple or funds raised for a charity event, you want to make sure no potential thieves help themselves to items on the gift tables. The best way to stop this from happening is to make sure everyone who is attendance is supposed to be there in the first place.


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