Security Guard For Marijuana Dispensaries

Whether you are running a marijuana dispensary focusing on medicinal Cannabis, or a facility for recreational users, proper security precautions are essential for safeguarding your customers, facilities, and assets.

That’s why you need to hire Security Guard for marijuana dispensaries from First Security Services. All of our security personnel are thoroughly vetted and trained, and have experience working in the marijuana industry. With a large number of ex-military and ex-law enforcement personnel, our guards will provide you with the protection that you need to feel safe and secure when performing your daily business operations.

Learn more about our security services below, or contact us now for more information and to get further details about pricing, Officer availability and more.

Security Guard Protect Your Building, Assets, Employees And Customers

Security Guard are one of the best ways to deter crime in your facility, and ensure the safety and security of your building and everything in it. When you hire First Security Services, we help protect:

  • Your building and premises – Our Officers are available for 24/7 patrol both inside and outside of your facility. We will ensure that all points of entry and exit are secure during business hours, and we offer both vehicle and on-foot patrols to ensure that your premises are secure after it is closed. Whether you need a guard on patrol inside or outside your facility, we make sure that your dispensary is safe from burglary, vandalism and any other illicit activity.
  • Your assets – The majority of dispensaries are unbanked. This means that most Cannabis businesses have a lot of cash on hand, which can make them targets for both burglary and armed robbery. Having a security detail at your facility makes it a much more difficult target for would-be thieves. Hiring First Security Services will allow you to protect both your cash and your marijuana products.
  • Your employees – We understand that the safety and security of your employees are important to you. That’s why our Officers specialize in threat assessment. We can help identify customers or other individuals who may be agitated or pose a threat to your personnel, and intervene if the situation begins to spiral out of control. By doing so, we can help keep your employees safe.
  • Your customers – First Security Services will protect your customers, and provide them with peace of mind when purchasing from your business. The presence of a guard, armed or unarmed, helps reassure customers that they are doing business in a secure facility, and makes them feel more comfortable at your dispensary. We also can protect your business from customers who may be attempting to enter areas where they are not allowed, or who attempt to steal your products. All of our Officers are trained in anti-shoplifting methods and retail security precautions, so we can identify unwanted customers who may be attempted to steal your products, reducing shrink and discouraging further theft.

For these reasons and many more, we recommend that you work with a highly-qualified security service specializing in protecting marijuana facilities, such as dispensaries.

First Security Services, we have the experience and depth of knowledge required to deliver excellent service. Our Officers and guards are familiar with the Cannabis industry and culture, and deliver professional security services that help keep you, your facilities, your employees, your customers, and your assets secure from any potential threats.

Why Hire First Security Services For Marijuana Security?

Why should you choose our guards and security Officers to secure your dispensary? Here are just a few reasons that we’re one of the top companies in California for security in the marijuana industry.

  • Industry-specific training – All of our Officers and guards who will be assigned to your facility have completed industry-specific training related to Cannabis facility access compliance, local laws and regulations, and threat response for marijuana facilities. We are trained in access control, accordance with B.C.C. (Bureau of Cannabis Control) regulations, and adhere to all municipal and state regulations.
    In addition, our Cannabis Security Best Practices ensure that all of our personnel are trained on the proper responses and procedures for working in the field of marijuana security.
  • Depth of security expertise – All of our guards undergo extensive training before they can begin working, and we require additional training or experience for Officers and guards who wish to work in the Marijuana Security field. The majority of our personnel have experience in the military or law enforcement, which helps inform their security expertise and provides them with the knowledge required for threat protection at your facility.
  • Professionalism and industry knowledge – We pride ourselves on being a professional security firm, with unparalleled knowledge of security industry best practices. All of our guards and security personnel are courteous and professional, and will conduct their duties with integrity.
  • A focus on customer service, experience – Our guards are friendly and welcoming, and will not detract from your customer’s experience in your store. We understand that a great customer experience is essential for bringing back repeat retail customers.
    Our Officers are trained in customer service, and are able to balance a welcoming, inviting attitude with professionalism and tactical knowledge – ensuring that your customers have a great time at your store, but that any potential threats or issues are dealt with quickly, in a professional manner.
  • Armed and unarmed guards available – Depending on your location, security vulnerabilities, type of establishment, local crime rates and other factors, either armed or unarmed Security Guard may be right for your facility.
    At First Security Services, we understand that an armed guard may not always set the right tone for your business. When we consult with your company to determine the best personnel for your facility, we will help you understand what level of security may be appropriate for your dispensary.

For these reasons and quite a few more, Cannabis companies all around California have chosen First Security Services as their top security company. Our guards are professional, experts in their field, and trained in the unique requirements of Cannabis businesses, including dispensaries.

Contact Us Today For More Information About Our Cannabis Security Services

  • Whether you need your facility to be patrolled 24/7 by armed security Officers, or you’re simply interested in additional security personnel inside your dispensary during business hours, First Security Services is here to help.
  • With our unparalleled industry knowledge, professional security Officers, and dedication to customer satisfaction, you can trust us to secure your facility and keep your assets, employees, and guests safe from any potential risk ranging from theft and vandalism to armed robbery.
  • To learn more about our services and inquire about the availability of a security detail for your store, please contact us right away, and we will be in touch soon to discuss further information about your dispensary, and your own unique security needs.