Security Service for Your Club or Bar

Given the recent shooting at the Pulse club in Orlando, we’re dedicating this blog to discussing the importance of providing security at your club or bar. Even though a mass-shooting event is rare, when alcohol is provided at any establishment, there is always the potential for violence and a need for a vigilant security team.


Security Service for Your Club or Bar


Read on to learn why your entertainment business might have a need for a security service.


Door Security


One of the most important ways to keep your bar or club secure is by having a watchful door security team. The front entrance is an opportunity not just to check IDs, but to also do weed out any people who are visibly intoxicated or who are causing trouble even before they enter your business. By hiring a 3rd party security service to monitor your entrances and exits, you can offload some of the costs of hiring an internal team, as well as ensure that your door security is experienced to handle all scenarios.


Floor Security


Even if your door security has done a great job identifying potential security threats for your patrons, a floor security team is critical to ensuring that no fights or security threats develop as the night progresses. A floor security team should be focused on observing all tables, dance floors, break and smoking areas, and even bathroom hallways to make sure that all of your customers are having a good time. A security team monitoring your floor is critical to ensuring that all of your clients have a great team.


VIP Security


If you bar or club caters to celebrities or important figures, then it’s important to make sure you have security staff that can help augment your customers’ own security personnel. Though your VIPs likely already have their own security team, depending on how visible they are in the public eye, it can be a big boost to your business to have additional security to offer to your most important clients. Your VIP security team should be the cream-of-the-crop who have multiple years of experience dealing with club and bar security, and should have calm demeanors who first look to defuse any potential dangerous situations, but who aren’t afraid to roll up their sleeves to deal with any belligerent patrons who might interfere with a good night for your VIP guests. If you don’t have a plan or team in place to handle VIP security, you should probably consider that—especially if this is an area where you are looking to specialize in.


Are you a bar or club owner who is looking to improve their door, floor, or VIP security? Contact us today to learn how we can help!