Security to Prevent Shoplifters

Shoplifting is a huge problem for retailers, especially with the rise in online shopping. These types of crimes cost retailers massive amounts of money and can really hurt their already diminishing profits. In 2014 alone shoplifting and other fraud cost US retailers over $44 billion. That is an enormous amount of money. How can you protect yourself and your business from these kinds of losses? The answer is a properly trained and experienced security team.


Security to Prevent Shoplifters


Having a security presence is essential to ensure that your product stays on its shelves until it is ready to be purchased by a paying customer. Security professionals are trained to watch for any suspicious behavior and prevent merchandise from leaving the store unless it has been paid for. Simply having security guards patrol the store often acts as a preventative measure that will have a callous criminal heading to an easier mark. A strong security presence also helps your customers and employees feel safe and secure because you care enough about their safety to take measures to ensure it.


Unfortunately, not all shoplifting is committed by people posing as paying customers. Employee theft can also be a common problem in even the best establishments and can sometimes make up to 30% of a business’s annual shrinkage. When there is a strong independent security presence in your store, employees are less likely to be dishonest and contribute to the growing retail theft problem.


Security Will Even Protect Your Warehouses and Stockrooms

Security can also prevent access to unauthorized areas of your store like stockrooms and warehouses. There have been cases where unauthorized employees or thieves posing as customers have gone into restricted areas where inventory is stored and helped themselves. Having security stationed near these areas can prevent unwanted people from going into places where they don’t belong. Having security posted near restrooms can help ensure that no merchandise is taken into them and hidden by a thief.


It is important to take retail security seriously to make sure you aren’t losing merchandise and money due to theft. Consider hiring First Security Services for your retail security needs. We are an established industry leader with over 50 years of experience protecting everything from retail establishments, industrial complexes, private and public events, school districts, and more. We have over 600 trained security professionals and can handle any sized business. Contact us today for a free quote either by using our contact form or by calling 1-800-778-3017.