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Security When There are Large Amounts of Money or Assets Around

If you ever find yourself in a situation where you must handle or transport a large amount of money or assets, you will find that it can be an incredibly stressful situation. On top of making sure everything is being handled properly, you can feel like you have “Please rob me!” written across your forehead. You know the feeling, dread, anxiousness, and the pervasive fear that at any time someone is going to jump out of the shadows to take everything you have. No one wants to feel that way.


Security When There are Large Amounts of Money or Assets Around


The fear of being in possession of a large amount of cash or assets is deeply ingrained in our society. There is even a commonly touted myth that having over $10,000 in your possession is illegal. This isn’t true of course. If it were, cash-based businesses would find themselves in a lot of legal trouble. This fear is so prevalent that the number one bit of vacationing advice is to carry as little cash on you as possible and with good reason. When you are dealing with credit cards or debit cards you have some form of recourse if money was taken from you or some other type of fraud was committed. Cash is not FDIC insured. If someone were to jump out of the bushes and rob you, there is likely nothing that can be done to return the money that was stolen. It is simply gone.


Alleviate Your Fears by Hiring Protection

You can alleviate these fears by hiring an experienced and trained financial security officer or guard whenever there are large amounts of money or assets around. They are trained to look for any type of suspicious behavior or signs that something is wrong or out of the ordinary and deal with them appropriately. A uniformed security professional also provides an excellent visual deterrent for crime. When you show that you are serious about your safety, and the safety of the assets in your possession, there is less of an opportunity for trouble. It also shows clients that you may be dealing with that their cash is safe with you.


Don’t walk around with a target on your back if you don’t have to. Call First Security Services today and let us help you stay safe when dealing with large amounts of money. We have been in the security business for over 50 years, and are fully bonded and insured. Call 1-800-778-3017 or fill out our contact form for a free quote.