Should I Hire a Security Guard for my Business? 4 Questions to Ask Yourself

Hiring a security guard for your company is a big investment, and the decision shouldn’t be made lightly. If you are considering whether or not a security guard is right for you, make sure to think through these 4 things before making a hiring decision.


  1. Is Hiring a Security Guard Worth the Investment?


For businesses that sell lots of small/inexpensive products (like gas stations or fast food restaurants), installing a good security system and making sure your insurance policy is up to date is usually enough security for your business. However, for companies that hold a lot of cash at any given time, or are in the possession of important intellectual property that would be difficult to replace if stolen, investing in a security guard or security company may be worthwhile. For any business, you’ll have to decide if that risk of loss is greater than the investment you’ll be making in a security guard.


  1. Will a Security Guard Bother My Customers?


For some businesses, a security guard may not make sense based on your customers. For example, it might be a little disconcerting for parents to see an armed security guard outside of a Chucky Cheese. Yes they are there for security, but some people feel uncomfortable at the sight of a gun—no matter who is holding it. Do you think your customers will mind seeing a security guard, or potentially armed security guard, outside of your door? It’s an important question to make sure you have an answer for.


  1. Will a Security Guard Bother My Employees?


A lot of times, the employees are forgotten when a business owner is making a decision about hiring additional security. Remember that even though the security guard may be from a third party and only part time, they will still be interacting with employees on a regular basis. Because of this, it’s very important to make sure that they come with multiple recommendations from either their security company, or if they are freelance security guard, from current/previous employers. Adding another member to your team is an important decision that can either result in either a more cohesive team, or disaster.


  1. Do I Need a Full-Time or Part-Time Security Guard?


Though some companies may try to convince you that a 24-hour security service is necessary for your business, you’ll want to carefully consider when your business is most at risk. Do you hold lots of cash during the day that gets transferred to the bank before close? It may make sense to just hiring a security guard during working hours. Do you have a lot of foot traffic between customers and employees, but a lot of large expensive equipment that sits alone at night? It may make more sense to just have a security guard at night since it will be difficult for thieves to steal your products during the day.


If you are currently debating about whether or not to hire a security guard, contact us today!