Should School Resource Officers Be Armed?

This is a short breakdown of the points covered in an article published on our CALSAGA blog regarding the possibility of armed school security officers.


Should School Resource Officers Be Armed?


School crime statistics and national tragedies have heightened our awareness of school violence and raised questions of whether or not it’s a good idea to have armed security on school grounds. Our most recent CALSAGA blog post takes an interesting look at this question, taking into account the existing methods of school security, as well as what can be done to increase the safety on our campuses and the arguments that surround such ideas. Information on school crime statistics is taken from the most recent data available from the National Center for Education Statistics.


Media & Political Interests Confuse The Issue


The author goes on to argue that the media and political agendas involved tend to blur the focus of the actual issues we should be focusing on when it comes to school safety. Some of the worst incidents of school violence are mentioned, including an assessment of how the media treatment of these stories tends to sensationalize the events, as well as the inevitable political jockeying that typically follows a disaster on a school campus.


Three Options For Addressing Issues


The three main reactions to an on-campus incident are covered, which include the following:


  • Stricter access protocols to school grounds
  • Allowing teachers to carry a firearm (when licensed & permitted)
  • Arming School Resource Officers


Each method is briefly reviewed in terms of effectiveness and a considered in light of recommendations from the National Association of School Resource Officers.


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