Should Security Guards Be Armed?

With the gun debate a hot topic issue in the United States, especially with the string of high profile tragedies that have occurred over the past few years, one of the questions that often comes up is, should security guards be armed? There are proponents for both sides of the issue that feel extremely passionate about their stance, but the answer to the question isn’t so black and white. Security guards should be armed in some instances, depending on the following:


The Level of Training of the Security Guard

A security guard that is armed should have a certain level of training with the firearm. This training should not just extend to an understanding of how to use the weapon, but also extends to knowing when and when not to use it. A security guard has to have the mental clarity to be able to make a decision as to when force is justifiable and when it is completely unacceptable. Of course, when making split second decisions, this can be difficult for many people, but experienced security guards that have been effectively trained will know what to do in any situation, almost instinctively.


Generally though, if a security guard is qualified to carry a firearm, he or she will have a higher level of training in comparison to an unarmed guard.


The Environment

If you’re hiring security guards to patrol a large crowd, such as an outdoor concert, in which they will be in constant close proximity to people, having an armed guard may not be the smartest choice. That’s because the guard is at a higher risk of someone trying to grab his or her gun.


However, if you need a security guard to provide security in an environment such as a bank, retail store, or shopping mall, an armed guard would be more beneficial, as he or she would be better able to provide protection to employees and customers.


An environment that is at a high-risk for potential crimes should always employ armed guards, such as in bad areas or places where a significant amount of money is exchanged on a daily basis.


The Type of Security That You Require

If you need a security guard to stay overnight at your business, an armed guard makes more sense. Not only is there less chance of a mishap with the use of force in that particular situation, but the guard will better be able to prevent robberies, which statistically usually occur outside of the normal hours of operation.


If you just need a guard to watch monitors, to escort employees in the parking lot, or to make sure that the doors are locked and the alarm is set, you could get away with just hiring an unarmed guard. Remember that armed guards generally cost more, so it all depends on your budget.


All of First Security Services’ security guards that are armed have the necessary training and experience to be able to act in a professional and rational manner. Contact us today for more information!