Should Your Security Guards Be Armed Or Not?

One of the most important decisions that businesses face is whether or not their security guards should be armed. A balance must be struck between providing a safe environment for both your employees and customers, while also making sure that they feel safe and that their workspace is not a war zone. While preferences for armed security guards may vary by region and industry, here are a few things to think about when deciding whether or not to hire armed guards.


Should Your Security Guards Be Armed Or Not?


Are You Located In An Area With High Volumes of Violent Crime?

If you live in an area where violent crime (an instance where bodily harm occurs or is threatened), you may want to consider having armed guards at your place of business. It’s important to do some background research about crime statistics to see if your business may be at risk. City Data is one website where you can search by to see whether or not your business is in a high violent crime area. If your business is located in an area of high or very high violent crime, it might be a good idea to have armed security guards at your business.


Armed Security Guards Don’t Need To Open Carry

If you are concerned about your customers or employees feeling anxious about having armed guards around, keep in mind that security guards don’t necessarily have to “open carry.” There are a number of options, including requiring guards to wear a suit jacket, that will keep your business safe while maintaining a relaxed environment. Before settling on a security company, make sure to ask if concealed carry is an option for them.


Guards Don’t Need to be Armed 24/7

Many businesses face little to no threats during daylight hours. However, the threat of burglary or harm to employees, especially those who are closing up for the night, may increase during the evening. In this case, it may not be necessary to have armed guards during the day. Many companies offer the ability to have a non-armed shift during the day and having an armed shift during the night. Talk with your security company to see where their protocol is for daylight vs. nighttime patrols.


Being Armed Doesn’t Just Mean Having a Gun

This is an important point to keep in mind—there are many non-lethal weapons that security guards can possess that can ensure that your business is both safe and comfortable. Mace, sticks, and tazers are just a few of the options that security guards can utilize that represent non-lethal force, but can still pack a punch if need be. These tools and weapons are also much easier to conceal, which should keep your workplace at ease.


Are you considering whether or not to hire armed security guards or not? Give us a call today and we’ll help walk you through that decision.