Staying Safe During the Holiday Season

The holidays are a wonderful time of the year, a time usually spent catching up with friends and family. No matter which holiday you celebrate, this magical time between December and the start of the New Year is one that many people look forward to for the whole year. But with all of the celebrations and the traveling that’s going on, you also need to make sure that you stay safe.




That’s why we’ve presented a list of some of the best tips on staying safe during the holiday season:


Be Extra Careful While Driving

During this time, many people end up overindulging at times at events such as family gatherings and office christmas parties. Drunk driving numbers have historically always been much higher during this time period, especially on days such as New Year’s Eve. While driving drunk is never recommended, another thing that you can do is to stay extra attentive while behind the wheel yourself. Make sure to be on the lookout for any drunk drivers so you can avoid accidents.


*If you do happen to attend a holiday party or gathering and have consumed alcohol, always make sure to call a taxi or a ride-sharing service to drive you home.


Always Leave Your Alarm On

You should also always leave your house alarm on, especially if you’re going away for the holidays to visit relatives. The bright lights of Christmas and other events can attract robbers, who may be scoping out which houses are abandoned or not. Having an alarm system on is essential.


Make Sure the Lights Are On

If you’re going away for a week, try to have some lights on in the house. This doesn’t mean turning every light on, of course, as that would be a waste of energy and money. Many light systems can be set on a timer in which they automatically go on and off during set intervals. Having the lights appear on will prevent robberies from occurring. If you have a trusted neighbor or friend who can check on your house from time to time, make sure to do so.


Keep Your Children Close When Shopping

During the holidays, shopping malls and department stores are much more crowded than usual. If you’re shopping with your children, make sure to keep an eye out for them, as they can easily get lost in the crowd if you’re not careful. Make sure they always walk with you and know what to do in case they get lost.


Check the Weather Ahead of Time

Most people tend to drive more during the holidays, whether it’s to shop or to visit relatives or friends. Because the month of December tends to have heavy snowfall and other wintry conditions present, always make sure that you check out the weather ahead of time. You don’t want to be caught in an unexpected snowstorm.


Staying safe during the holidays is about using common sense and taking extra precautions. Make sure to follow the advice given to ensure that your holiday season is one filled with happiness. Have a wonderful end to your year!