Staying Safe in a Mass Crowd Panic

General Overview

If you ever find yourself in the midst of a large crowd, such as through attending a protest, a large outdoor or indoor event, a concert, or a street parade, it’s important that you understand what to do if there’s ever a mass crowd panic that takes place.

Staying Safe in a Mass Crowd Panic

In large crowds, if there’s panic or conflict, it can be a life or death situation that you might have to deal with, in which the threat of bodily harm through a stampede and so forth is quite high.

With that being said, the following tips will help you out if you do happen to be in this situation.

Stay Away from Walls and Barricades

One of the first things that you should do is to make sure that you’re not near any walls or barricades. In fact, don’t be close to anything that you could be pinned against. If there’s a mass crowd panic, you could be in danger if you’re being pushed against something without anywhere to go, as the force of the crowd as a whole can be deadly.

Stay Upright

If the crowd is panicking and running in multiple directions. always try and stay upright. Unless you dropped something that you must have no matter what, don’t bend over to pick anything up. If you bend over, for example, there’s a chance that you could be knocked over and then trampled.

Hold Your Child

If your child is still small enough to be carried, make sure to do so. Children are extremely vulnerable in large crowds due to their small stature. If your child is too big to carry, make sure that you firmly grip their hand.

Walk Sideways

When you’re walking in a large crowd that’s in full panic mode, briskly walk sideways. That’ll make it easier to get around and through people and will make you less of a target or object that people can push into.

Keep Your Hands Close to Your Chest

Walk with your hands close to your chest, similar to how a fighter would keep his or her hands in close. This will, just as with walking sideways, make it easier to maneuver through the crowd, as well as helps to protect you if you happen to be bumped into.

Turn to Your Side

In a situation in which you are knocked down or fall down, if you can’t get right back up, don’t lay there on your stomach or on your back. Instead, move to your side and put your arms and hands over your head to protect it, while also tucking your legs in.

Be Aware of the Exits

There are often multiple exits through which you can get away. In most circumstances, the majority of the crowd will be rushing to the main exit. If you happen to know where the other side exits are, they might be the safer option.

 Being able to handle yourself in a mass crowd panic situation is vital. Make sure to use common sense and to follow the above tips. Above all else, however, please try and stay calm, rather than panic!


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