California’s Cannabis Industry just keeps going up, and in the heart of state, Stockton is experiencing that growth too. Be it cultivation, retail, distribution or any other Cannabis Related Business (CRB) Stockton has room to help it grow. All of this opportunity comes with certain considerations though, and among the most important of them is security.

First Security Services was one of the first companies in the state to respond to the rising Cannabis Industry by creating a division dedicated entirely to Cannabis Protection. Our Special Services Division comes with all of the skills and abilities of an experienced security team with a specialized knowledge and interest in the security needs of the Cannabis Industry. Unlike many Cannabis Security companies, we aren’t just starting out; we’re simply shifting our focus to a more specialized field, but employing the skills and tactics that we have developed through years of business.

We do more than simply stand guard (though we can absolutely do that as well)—we offer a comprehensive approach to 420 security, so CRB owners can be confident that every possible risk factor is accounted for in our Cannabis Security Plans. What’s more, our drive to be useful within the Cannabis Industry has encouraged us to spend time getting to know state and local regulations on CRB as they relate to security. This sort of understanding of the industry is, in our view, just as important as the ability to offer robust security in a physical sense.

The quality of our guards is another characteristic of our company that sets the Special Services Division apart from other security teams. Most of our personnel have either current or former military involvement, so they come to us with already sharpened tactical

and defense skills. We capitalize on these abilities by offering additional training in taser, pepperball, baton, and management of aggressive behavior.

Our marijuana security guards’ natural skills combined with the additional training we provide make them especially well-equipped to deal with high stress situations, both by attempting to de-escalate them responsibly and with the use of force if absolutely necessary. No one wants to think that their business will ever be in a dangerous situation, but it’s better to prepare for the worst than bank on everything going smoothly only to be disappointed.

As mentioned above, equally as important as physical prowess is technical understanding of the Cannabis Industry in California, particularly in terms of security regulations. Failing to meet security standards can have serious repercussions for business owners, especially in areas where unannounced inspections may occur. Staying in compliance with these regulations will save CRB owners from the penalties and fines that they would amass if they failed an inspection. The Special Services Division is familiar with the state’s requirements as well as those of the city of Stockton, so our clients can rest assured that they are not in violation of any regulations.

The Bureau of Cannabis Control (BCC) has outlined a number of necessary security measures that every CRB must take throughout the entire state of California. These requirements include a pretty comprehensive video surveillance system, identification badges for employees which must be worn at all times, careful treatment of restricted access areas with logs to keep track of all who enter, and much more. Though we know CRB owners are perfectly capable of comprehending all of these requirements, many simply don’t have the extra time to ensure they’re all attended to. Fortunately for our clients, we’re very familiar with all of the BCC regulations concerning security, and are here to help.

In addition to following state regulations, CRB owners need to be aware of the requirements set out by the city of Stockton. For almost every type of CRB, Stockton requires a Security & Lighting Plan prior to application approval. This means that CRB owners do not have the option of waiting until their business is up and running to invest in security—they have to make that leap before the business ever comes to fruition.

The Special Services division understands the needs of Stockton CRB owners, and that’s why we offer consultations and risk, threat, and vulnerability assessments. These services allow us to establish what sort of Cannabis Security Plan is appropriate for a business during the application process, as well as what type of risk management plan will best protect it from potential hazards once open. These services are just the beginning of our highly individualized security experience—no two businesses are exactly alike, so we treat each of them with specialized care and consideration.

While Stockton’s security requirements for the application take more legword upfront on the part of CRB owners, it saves them headaches in the long run as they’ll never have to face worries over their business’ safety, and they won’t have to dedicate time to developing a plan once they’re in the incredibly busy stage of trying to open for business.

In addition to our consultations and assessments, some of the other services we offer are:

  • Site/Facility, Grow Ops, Retail, and Residential Security
  • High Value Asset Protection and Transportation Support
  • Security Operation Command (S.O.C)
  • Executive and High Net Worth Protection
  • Corporate Travel and Protection Support
  • Active Shooter and Workplace Violence Training

Combined, these operations allow us to offer clients a thoughtful and comprehensive security system that is prepared in the face of any crisis. There is virtually no limit to the sort of operations we can offer; if it relates to security in the Cannabis Industry, there’s a good chance we’ll be able to provide it.

Our tactical skills and practical, governmental knowledge mean that we are able to protect clients both from the risk of crime and the risk of backlash due to non-compliance with regulations. Most security companies simply don’t take the time to get to know their industry as well as we have, and that’s why we are able to provide such superior service.

Because we do not invest in advertising, our business depends entirely on word of mouth referrals from past or current clients to other business owners in the Cannabis Industry. This allows to focus all of our energy on providing superior security services; every client gets the highest possible level of care and attention. That’s the only way we can ensure that our business comes to mind when other CRB owners ask our clients to suggest a security company.

Security for a Cannabis Related Business isn’t just a good idea, it’s a necessity—particularly in Stockton where a CRB literally can’t exist without the establishment of a security plan. The Special Services Division can help create a plan in those early stages, and help make sure that it stays effective for the entire life of the business.

Make the best possible choice when it comes to Cannabis Industry security in Stockton—call us at (408) 364-1110 or email us at to take the first step toward a wholly protected business today.