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What Do You Need a Private Security and Guard Service?

Normally, when you think of security for your personal property, you think of intruders, break-ins and burglaries. That said, the truth is there is more to property crime than meets the eye.  Other crimes that often occur as part of a property crime include:

  • Murder – About 40% of murders occur during a burglary or car theft
  • Rape – Usually not intended as part of the original crime of break-ins, more than 10% result in rape of a woman or child when they are unexpectedly present on the premises
  • Physical assault – More than 65% of thefts include a physical assault either against someone trying to stop the crime, or someone stumbling upon the crime
  • Robbery – Stealing from a person rather than a property is not uncommon in the midst of a burglary; this happens most often in a commercial burglary but can apply to a home situation as well


As the graph [courtesy of] shows, Stockton crime rates are moving in the wrong direction – upward. It is sad that property crimes are tagged by the government agencies as non-violent because the fear and trauma that the victims experience as a result is very substantial.

Which Private Security Services Are Suitable for You?

Security should not be a one-size-fits-all scenario.


A free consult and quote from one of our experts will help you wade through the options and design security services that are personal.

  • Malls employ private security guards to help minimize shoplifting while the individual shops use them to watch sticky fingers of stock people.
  • Furniture stores are just as much a target as any other business. In the early part of this year, two men were caught by patrol guards stealing a complete bed!
  • Alarm security with hidden, live-feed cameras would have enabled the police to catch the criminals at quick-stop shops who stole three ATMs last week. Right now, they are still looking and only have a vague description.
  • Corporate offices and Satellite Government Offices are the types of places where robbery, murder and assault accompany burglaries. Cameras, silent alarms and patrol guards each provide additional levels of security without duplicating purposes.
  • Residential services that include patrol guards with the authority to respond to activated alarms can quickly verify that a burglary or fire is in progress, have the same power and training as a police officer.
  • Healthcare services, legal offices and high-tech firms are subject to the problems associated with emotional clients and angry acquaintances.  On sight security guards prevent situations from escalating and causing bystanders injuries.
  • Cannabis security solutions

We offer both temporary security services for special events, competitions, vacation replacements and emergency staffing after a natural disaster. We, also, provide contracted security and guard services including bodyguards and vehicle patrol services.


With the cutbacks every community in California has experienced in the last few years, people are finding that having personal security as part of their home and business services is the most viable option.

Personal Bodyguards, Executive Protection & Temporary Security

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