The Advantages of Hiring Armed Security Guards

One of the main decisions in hiring security guards is deciding whether or not to hire an armed security guard as opposed to an unarmed security guard. While your own particular security needs will determine if hiring an armed security officer is right for you, knowing the three main advantages that an armed security officer can offer will help you to make a more informed decision.


The Advantages of Hiring Armed Security Guards



An Armed Guard Is Better Trained


Armed security guard companies make sure that each armed guard that is employed has advanced training in weaponry. The reason why armed security companies make this an emphasis is that their private armed security has to be able to understand not only the technical aspects of using their weapons, but also when to use them. Otherwise, armed security guard companies, as well as the individual armed security officer, can be held liable for inappropriate use of force.


Armed security companies make sure to test each individual armed guard. They not only have to have the same training that unarmed security guards also do, but also need to pass the state standards and the armed security guard companies’ own internal standards.


Private Armed Security Are Put Through Extensive Background Checks


Armed security guard companies also make sure to put each armed security officer through more extensive background checks. This usually includes an FBI background check, which means that that their fingerprints are checked and that they legally are able to receive a gun permit. An armed security guard will not be able to have a criminal record or display any known signs of certain mental instability. You can be confident that private armed security from credible armed security companies will be more than qualified to be an armed guard.


An Armed Security Guard Is A Proven Deterrent


There can be no denying the fact that an armed guard is an extremely effective deterrent to crime. Those who are considering committing a crime would be less likely to do so if they see an armed security officer in their presence. That’s because an armed guard means more risk in committing the crime as opposed to an unarmed guard. Many businesses and institutions are taking note of this, which is why armed security guard companies have been growing in popularity in recent years.



Unarmed security guards still serve a purpose, but an armed security guard can certainly bring many advantages that an unarmed security guard simply can’t. An armed security guard would better be able to deal with criminals, especially those who are armed with weapons, and because of this, armed security guards can be the better choice at times.


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