The Advantages of Hiring Vehicle Patrol Officers

There are an abundance of advantages to hiring vehicle patrol officers, as it’s a job position that can make your hired private security much more effective and efficient. It’s not a term that’s used often, so if you’re not entirely sure about what vehicle patrol officers are or what they do, here’s an overview of the advantages that they can provide:


The Advantages of Hiring Vehicle Patrol Officers


Better Security Coverage of Large Properties

Vehicle patrol officers are able to cover far more ground at a greater pace than security officers that are on foot. Even though CCTV and other forms of electronic surveillance are meant to cover this, vehicle patrol officers add an extra layer of protection, making sure that any camera blindspots aren’t taken advantage of and that there’s a quick reaction to any spotted crime.


In a large building, for example, a security officer may spot an intruder on a CCTV monitor, but it can take awhile to arrive there on foot. This quick response time by vehicle patrol officers is a true advantage over traditional security guards. It also lessens the chances that a security guard will miss something from one of the camera feeds and can eliminate any idle time that may be present.


Effectively Covers Different Types of Properties

Another advantage of hiring vehicle patrol officers is that they can more effectively protect many different types of properties. Some of the main property types where it makes logical sense to employ a vehicle patrol officers are:

  • Construction Sites;
  • Gated Communities;
  • Warehouses;
  • Factories;
  • Parking Lots;
  • Storage Unit Areas;
  • Shopping Malls;


All of these properties can be quite large, and vehicle patrol officers would be able to greatly enhance the level of security that can be provided to them.


Enhances the Visible Security Presence

Vehicle patrol officers also enhance the visible security presence on the properties that they’re assigned to. A security guard who sits in a dedicated security monitoring room will not be as visible as vehicle patrol officers who are constantly moving around the property. This can make would-be criminals think twice about attempting anything. Vehicle patrol officers will be operating vehicles that are clearly marked, contain flashing lights, and so forth.


Provides the Client With Better GPS Active Tracking

Even yet another advantage of hiring vehicle patrol officers is that it provides the client with better GPS active tracking options. A client, for example, will be able to see where all of their security personnel are, thanks to GPS tracking software. This is all a big part of providing the client with a better peace of mind.


First Security Services offers many different types of vehicle patrol officer services. If you think that you’re in need of one, make sure to contact us today. We are more than happy to provide you with a free consultation to assess your security needs. We look forward to hearing from you!