The Benefits of a Patrol Service

A patrol service is usually not thought about when someone is considering hiring security for their business or even their home, but it should be highly considered, as the benefits and services that it can provide are quite extensive. Consider the following services:


Outdoor Patrols

Patrol services can be arranged so that they regularly patrol the outside of your building at allotted times, allowing for any suspicious activities to be spotted, including forms of vandalism such as graffiti. In addition, it’s not just about safety. Outdoor patrols can also spot some lights that have gone out or areas that are in need of repair.


Indoor Patrols

This allows for all of the doors to be checked to make sure that they’re properly locked, for any signs of a break in to be detected, and to make sure all of the lights and alarm systems are working properly. Furthermore, issues such as water leaks can be spotted before they get too out of hand.


Escort Staff

If an employee has to go to his or her car late at night in an underground parking garage, is scheduled for a shift change, and so forth, having a patrol escort can ensure their safety no matter what. In areas that are dangerous, this is particularly useful.


Securing Gates / Doors / Alarms

Doors that need to be secured manually can be done so, including gates as well. Additionally, any alarm systems that need to be activated can also be done. Patrol officers can also check to make sure that everything is secured and operating as expected.


Parking Lot Security

Patrol services can check to see that there aren’t any parking violations being committed. This is in reference to making sure that employee parking and visitor parking rules are being followed, making sure that no one is parking in handicap parking that isn’t authorized to do so, and that only authorized visitors are present. In addition, fire lane violations can also be enforced.


Quick Response

Having a regularly scheduled patrol service means that if there is an attempted break in or something sets off the alarm, they will be able to respond right away. Your security company can send these officers right away to your business, who will then determine if there is a serious threat at hand. Oftentimes, alarms are set off by accident, and it can cause a great deal of inconvenience to the owner, as they are often set off in the middle of the night. A patrol service will be able to handle everything right away. If they need to get in contact with law enforcement, they will also handle that as quickly as possible.



Act As A Deterrent

Just seeing a patrol service driving by or on foot will deter any robbers or those up to no good. It is an additional safeguard for your place of business and should not be underestimated.


Patrol services are not as expensive as you would think. Contact First Security Services today to inquire about it!