The Best, Non-Lethal Weapons That Can Be  Used by Security Guards

A security guard doesn’t necessarily have to carry a firearm while on duty. Whether or not a security guard carries a firearm depends on the wishes of the business or person doing the hiring, as well as the specific security needs that have to be addressed. But there’s a plethora of non-lethal weapons that can also be used by security guards, which, in many circumstances, can be just as effective as using lethal weapons.


The Best, Non-Lethal Weapons That Can Be Used by Security Guards


Here are some of the best non-lethal that can be used by security guards:




The most common non-lethal weapon carried by security officers are batons. Even though batons have been a staple of security guards for decades and decades, they have continued to improve. Modern batons are now much lighter while also having better capabilities in terms of balance and force. Collapsible batons are the most recommended version but all allow security guards the ability to strike an assailant in order to subdue him or her until the authorities arrive. They are also an affordable option.


It should be noted that, while batons are non-lethal for the most part, striking someone on the head can still cause death. Security guards must be trained on how to use one properly.


Pepper Spray / Mace


Pepper spray is yet another viable non-lethal weapon that can be used by security guards. Unlike a baton, pepper spray allows a security guard to stop an assailant or perpetrator from a greater distance. More specifically, some can shoot out beyond 15 feet in length. Close to one-third of security guards now carry pepper spray, and the chance of serious injury or death occurring through its use are minimal to none.


Security guards should still be trained on how to use pepper spray properly, mainly in terms of properly aiming it.


Taser / Stun Gun


Yet another non-lethal option are tasers and stun guns. Both are often confused with each other, but they’re actually different. A taser can shoot out two metal probe darts at least 15 feet which can electric shock a person so that the person loses muscle control. A stun gun requires the handheld device to come in direct contact with the person in close distance, though a taser can also be used in this capacity.


These are both viable options since they render the person that they touch immobile. A security guard should be trained on how how to use them though, such as with the voltage level and the length of contact. Otherwise, these can actually be fatal.


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