The Big Threats in Business Security

Many security threats are universal in nature in that they exist regardless of the type of security service that is being provided. However, each different sector or field has its own security particularities in which some threats and risks are more apparent than in others. With business security, this is certainly the case.


The Big Threats in Business Security


A business security service will be aware of the main threats involved in business security, which are the following:


Angry and Disgruntled Employees or Ex-Employees


This is one of the main threats involved in business security and for good reason. Disgruntled current employees and former employees are a major threat to business security, as they not only could lash out violently in the workplace, but they are also a threat to IT security. Since they are or have been employed by the company before, they will usually have detailed knowledge of some of the inner workings of the company, meaning that they would have access to special sensitive information or the ability to jeopardize the operation of company systems through hacking or tampering.


Outsourced Companies or Personnel


Outsourcing continues to remain a popular business practice in today’s business environment. Unfortunately, a business that hires outside or third-party help can’t always verify the background of the personnel that would now have access to certain aspects of their business processes and the authorization to be in a business’s headquarters. Business security guards are trained to make sure that there’s no suspicious activity occurring and security breaches are prevented in a pro-active manner.


Careless or Untrained Employees


Employees that are careless or untrained regarding the security of a business are a major threat. If an employee, for example, forgets to activate the alarm system or follow security protocols, this can leave the business vulnerable to security breaches. Business security guards are trained to ensure that many of these easily avoidable errors are prevented in order to maintain excellent business security on the premises. Another example of the harm that an employee can unknowingly do is to engage in computer activity, such as visiting certain websites or clicking on certain e-mails, that can lead to a virus infecting the business’s network.


Cloud Data


Cloud security has come a long way since its inception, but the fact remains that there are still many security vulnerabilities in cloud storage. Businesses can save a tremendous amount of money by storing all of their information on remote cloud servers, but all of these savings can be worthless if there is a major security breach that occurs. It’s recommended that businesses hire special IT specialists to assess the cloud security vulnerabilities that may or may not exist in order to ensure the integrity of its business security.


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