The Comprehensive Nature of Executive Security

Executive security services are extremely wide-ranging in the amount of services that are provided in order to ensure optimal executive security and executive protection. As a result, executive security guards are trained to carry out many different types of executive security services.


The Comprehensive Nature of Executive Security


Here are some of the main ones:


Protective Surveillance


Protective surveillance entails a less high-profile approach to executive security. It allows for those choosing to have executive protection to know that there’s a team of executive security guards nearby that will arrive if a situation arises. Executive security guards will usually monitor clients from nearby locations or will be watching on CCTV.


Security Driver


When hiring a security driver as a part of the executive security services, you can be assured that the driver will be trained just like normal executive security guards are. The security driver will, unlike a normal driver, be able to engage in advanced driving maneuvers if an emergency or security breach should arise, such as various evasive maneuvers.


Counter Surveillance Security


Executive security guards are also extremely adept at providing counter surveillance security. They will be able to monitor executives and other clients to make sure that they’re not being followed or monitored in anyway by unauthorized parties. This is a proactive approach taken in terms of providing executive protection. For high-profile executives, having some level of counter surveillance security is essential to their full protection.


Travel Risk Assessment and Planning


Another aspect of executive security that executive security guards will be highly proficient in is in travel risk assessment and planning. If an executive is traveling to a different city or country, his or her executive protection detail will be able to assess any potential risks or vulnerabilities and act accordingly. This can include briefing the main client and his or her family on various security measures or actions that can be taken should an emergency arise.


Residential Security


Believe it or not residential security is also one of the main components of executive security services. Unlike with normal types of security protections, executive protection involves making sure that the client is also safe at his or her main residence. Thus, the day-to-day executive security aspects are linked with the residential aspects, in which communication and transparency between the executive security guards is focused upon.


Crisis Management


If there’s a major crisis at hand, executive security guards will be trained on how to act accordingly, including going on “lockdown” mode. Many of these emergency security procedures will be discussed with the client ahead of time, but nonetheless, executive protection does always prepare for the unexpected. Crisis management entails being pro-active in analyzing various situations and determining if there are any vulnerabilities that may or may not exist.


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