The Differences Between Commercial and Residential Security Services

Both commercial and residential security services have many things in common, but they also have a few distinct differences that separates them. These differences mainly pertains to the scope of the security services that are provided, as commercial security is far more extensive due to the very nature of commercial properties.


Here’s what separates commercial security services from residential security services:


Security Patrol Guards


Unless the place is a large mansion or estate, in which the client is extremely wealthy, it’s rare to find security guards on private residential properties. On the other hand, on commercial properties, commercial security guards are far more common, such as in apartment complexes or a gated condo development in a nice neighborhood. Commercial security guards are usually on the premises at night and constantly monitor CCTV and do regular patrols of the property. How often they do patrols or if they’re on the premises 24/7 or not depends on the particular property and the need of the client or clients.


Alarm Systems and Cameras


As alarm systems become more advanced, this is becoming less of a difference, but regardless, commercial properties have much more extensive alarm systems and cameras than most residential properties. The alarm systems that accompany commercial security are extremely advanced in that there are usually multiple alarm systems and cameras present throughout the property. The cameras allows the commercial security guards more views of the property from  the CCTV monitors, and the myriad of individual alarm systems ensures that there’s very little weak points in terms of security vulnerabilities.


Of course, all of the alarm systems, once set off, will immediately alert local authorities of a security breach. If there’s commercial security guards present on the commercial property, they will be to try and handle the situation before law enforcement arrives.


Elevator Monitoring


Commercial security services also can come with elevator monitoring. More specifically, it will allow for better two-way communication between those in the elevator and on-site security guards in case of an emergency or malfunction. In residential security, elevators usually are not present. Having 24-hour communication through two-way communication in an elevator helps to ensure the safety of its occupants all of the time.


Access Control


With commercial security, unlike with residential security, there will be a great deal of access control present. Commercial security guards are trained in ensuring that only those with authority are able to access certain areas of the compound or building. This includes only allowing in certain employees during certain times. One aspect of access control is the ability of commercial security guards to maintain and verify I.D. badges of employees and authorized visitors. Professional commercial security services will make sure that there’s no security breaches due to unauthorized access.


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