The Economy & Private Security Companies

Our most recent CALSAGA blog post is about three elements that impact the private security industry: technology, economy and violent crime. Technology is a quickly developing part of the security industry that has helped security guards all over the world perform more capably at their jobs. The economy is a constant factor and concern for security specialists and the recent increase in violent crime statistics is a concern for communities and neighborhoods everywhere.


For more information on the economy and its connection to crime rates, see this report from the Federation of American Scientists.


Technology Improves Security Capabilities


There’s little doubt that technological improvements have altered the face of the security landscape. In recent years, increased video surveillance and wireless communication alone have changed the approach and techniques used by modern and forward thinking security guard companies.


With instant communication and closed circuit TV capabilities readily available, we have been able to greatly increase the level of security we provide in all aspects of client and facility protection. Not only are we able to anticipate and respond more quickly, but we have instant communication with local authorities to provide the level of protection and safety that our customers expect.


The Importance of Security Training & Education


In order to keep up with the changes in security capabilities and expectations, First Security has adopted an approach which allows us to operate with an ongoing philosophy of education and evaluation so that we provide only the best security guard services currently available.


In addition to thorough background checks and an in-depth hiring process, we believe that encouraging and facilitating the development of our security personnel is essential to the successful implementation of safety standards and security measures.


First Security Services is a member of CALSAGA, the California Association of Licensed Security Agents, Guards and Associates.