The Full Range of Retail Security Services

Having a full range of retail security services goes beyond just hiring retail security guards to be present at a store location. An advanced and professional security company will be able to address every aspect of retail security, depending on the particular company.


The Full Range of Retail Security Services

The main aspects of retail security services are the following:


A Physical Security Presence


One of the main aspects of retail security is, of course, having physical retail security guards present at the store location. The number of retail security guards that should be present does depend, of course, on the size of the location and the nature of the business. Having retail security guards present at the physical location can help to deter any crime, as well as to make sure that both employees and customers remain safe. This can include also dealing with unruly customers and various loitering activities.


Armed Escort Services


Another aspect of retail security is providing armed escort services. This means that various retail security guards will help to physically escort or monitor the delivery or transportation of various goods, especially if they’re of high value, such as jewelry or large amounts of physical cash for bank deposits. This can help to ensure that there aren’t any robbery attempts committed and that any robbery attempts are thwarted. Retail security guards from a professional and credible security company will be trained to deal with any threats that may be encountered.


Security for Grand Opening / Liquidations / Renovations


Grand openings, liquidations, and renovations all require special types of retail security services in order to ensure that the large crowds and unique nature of these events are able to be handled effectively. Otherwise, without the proper retail security guards in place, these events can do more harm than good to a retail location. For example, if, during a grand opening, there are incidents involving many of the customers, this can create a bad first impression for the store, which can have a long-term effect on sales moving forward. With a liquidation, because many items will be priced cheaply and placed on the floor, there’s a high probability of theft occurring, which is another reason that there has to be retail security guards in place.


Loss Prevention


Lastly, loss prevention is another issue that retail security services has to address. Loss prevention includes both shoplifting by customers and employee theft. Retail security guards will be trained to address security vulnerabilities within stores through a combination of physical security patrols and surveillance monitoring. During transactions, employees can also be monitored through surveillance procedures, which includes the aforementioned armed escort services if money deposits have to be made. It’s better to be proactive than reactionary when it comes to loss prevention, and it’s important to have retail security guards present that can provide a high level of security without making either the employees or the customers uncomfortable in how they feel.


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