The Importance of Sensitivity Training For Security Guards

In today’s world, sensitivity training is extremely important, especially in light of the recent issues that have gained a considerable amount of attention in the United States. Security guards are expected to not only provide protection but to also wear many additional hats, ranging from acting as a helpful guide in a place of business to assisting people in need, such as the elderly.


Security guards are also expected to act in a way that’s completely professional, even in the face of danger and unexpected situations. Protocols have to be followed and the use of force has to be justifiable and in direct proportion to the situations. Furthermore, given the diversity of the United States, security guards are also expected to demonstrate cultural relativism.


One of the best ways for security guards to develop these necessary people skills is through sensitivity training, which has gained considerable popularity in recent years. Here’s how it can accentuate the skills of a security officer:


Develops Communication Skills

Sensitivity training allows security guards to develop a better understanding of how to interact with people. It trains them to be more mindful of what they’re saying and to understand what words may offend people. After all, the last thing that a business wants is for a customer to file a complaint in regards to discrimination.


These communication skills in regards to sensitivity carries over into other aspects of their communication, as it requires the security guard to be more alert.


Leads to More Trust

A security officer who demonstrates sensitivity to people in regards to their race, religion, sexual orientation, and so forth is one who will foster stronger ties with the “regulars” of a business or of a residential community. More trust from the people means more cooperation and a higher level of respect, which allows the security officer to carry out his or her duties more effectively.


Increases Professionalism and Performance

Having more sensitivity training leads to improved professionalism. A security officer will be able to adapt to more situations and be especially mindful to treat everyone with an equal amount of respect and not discriminate in any way towards someone. It also can lead to the security officer being able to handle various unexpected issues in a more effective matter, such as in instances of sexual harassment and racial discrimination.


At First Security Services, we work hard to ensure that all of our security guards have the necessary understanding of what it takes to be a complete security officer in modern society. All of our guards understand the importance of equality and fairness and take pride in doing so! When you hire First Security, you’re getting guards that have a thorough knowledge about he nature of the local community and its diversity. Contact us today for a free consultation.