The Need to Increase Sport Event Security

Attending sports games can be an exhilarating experience, whether it’s an NBA game or an NFL game. But while most sports fans simply go there to cheer for their team, some overzealous fans have taken it too far on many occasions. In the NFL, in particular, numerous fights between fans occur in virtually every game of the season. Fueled by team pride and usually alcohol, these fights can occur in every part of the stadium, including in the stands, the bathrooms, or the parking lot.




Take, for instance, the tragic case of William Laughlin, who died a day after suffering head trauma after a fight that took place after the Dallas Cowboys vs. Pittsburgh Steelers game on November 14 at Heinz Field (read more in this article). While not every incident results in a death, serious injuries do occur frequently and is clearly a problem that has not been adequately addressed. Here’s why there’s a need to increase sport event security:


There is Not Enough Crowd Security in Place

Stadiums and arenas are massive areas, in which thousands upon thousands of people regularly attend sporting events. Given that the average NFL attendance is 68,400 per game, this can be a daunting task for an understaffed security detail in place. Keep in mind that ushers, who are responsible for guiding people to their seats and making sure that only authorized people are in certain areas, usually don’t have security training and may not know what to do in case a fight breaks out.


Crowd security doesn’t just involve monitoring the seats, but also has to include all of the ramps, concourse areas, and food and beverage stands, since fights and other altercations consistently occur in these areas as well. Oftentimes, a stadium will only have an acceptable level of security guards present in just a few of these locations, leaving certain areas highly vulnerable.


Fan Safety Has Been Overlooked

The players and personnel on the field have always been the priority in terms of the security protection that’s provided, but with fan altercations continuing to occur at high rates, it’s often the fans that are the ones in need of protection. Innocent bystanders to these fan brawls can become accidentally pushed or hit, and considering that there’s women and children in the crowd, this has to be addressed.


Most of the fights that take place at sport events are the result of arguments from opposing fans. Simply wearing the opposing team’s jersey can set off an argument that can turn physical. Having additional security in place will deter altercations from even beginning, as well as will allow trained security personnel to spot a potentially explosive situation before it escalates.


First Security Services employs only highly-trained security guards and would be able to address any of the security needs at a sports arena or stadium. Sporting events should be exciting to attend and fun for everyone. Unfortunately, because of the actions of some, the fan experience has become compromised. Make sure to contact us today for your free consultation!