The Qualities of an Excellent Private Guard

Whether a private guard is providing security at a private event, a mall, or an office building, among many other types of places, the qualities that a professional and top-notch private guard should have are universal. The qualities of an excellent private guard are ones that will be apparent in any type of setting in which private security is provided.


The Qualities of an Excellent Private Guard


So without further adieu, here are the main qualities that a great private guard should have:


Being Physically Fit


A private guard should always maintain a certain level of physical fitness. Rather than being the same type of cliched private guard often portrayed in movies and television, especially “rent-a-cops,” a private guard has to make sure that he or she is in very good cardiovascular shape and has a certain level of physical strength. This means that the private guard should regularly exercise. Otherwise, while in the field, the private guard may not be prepared to deal with any robbers, individuals that have to be restrained, and so forth.


Communication Skills


Communication skills are another important part of being an excellent private guard. A private guard has to have the necessary communication skills to be able to be able to convey instructions to certain individuals, as well as to be able to understand the instructions that are provided from a superior. The communication skills that are needed include both verbal and non-verbal skills and writing skills. For example, a private guard should possess the communication skills to potentially “talk down” a potentially dangerous situation from escalating further.


Honesty and Integrity


A professional private guard has to maintain a high level of integrity and honesty at all times. Private guards should treat everyone fairly and not provide preferential treatment to certain individuals unless it’s due to official reasons. Honesty and integrity also pertains to reporting incidents as they occurred, rather than trying to cover up certain missteps. A private guard should also be able to be trusted with valuable and secure products and/or information without the fear of the private guard abusing the privilege.




It can be all too easy for a private guard to lose focus during his or her shift. However, given the very nature of security, a private guard should always remain alert. There should be a constant monitoring of the surroundings and careful attention given to maintaining protocol, such as making sure that alarm systems and security checks are completed as required. It can take just one small instance of a momentary lack of focus for a crime to occur, with shoplifting being one prime example.


While there are many more characteristics that a private guard may have to have, those are more dependent on the specific position and its particularities. However, the aforementioned characteristics, as mentioned, are universal in nature and can apply to multiple situations, no matter the environment.


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