The Ways in Which a Security Guard Can De-escalate Conflicts

Security guards can wear many hats, but the very core of their job is in providing security protection to their clients. One of the main benefits of hiring a private security guard is that they can help to de-escalate conflicts, even before they can escalate further.


The Ways in Which a Security Guard Can De-escalate Conflicts


Here are some of the main ways in which they can do so:


Not Overreact

One of the quickest ways to make a situation worse is to overreact and get overly emotional. A well-trained security guard, such as the ones that are employed by First Security Services, will be able to assess a situation calmly and address the relevant parties in a clear and controlled manner. Reacting strongly in a situation that doesn’t call for it can not only make it much worse, but it can also lead to various legal issues, such as lawsuits, arising.


Use Reason

If a customer or person is being loud and verbally aggressive or abusive, a well-trained private security guard can help to calm them down. One of the main ways that this can be done is through trying to reason with them. A security guard can try and calm down the person through using a bit of empathy. There’s no doubt that speaking calmly to a person and showing that you understand their frustration is a far better technique than being threatening.


Subdue the Aggressor

A third way in which a security guard can de-escalate conflicts is to subdue the aggressor through the use of either non-lethal or lethal force. Non-lethal force is always the first option, such as the use of a taser or mace, but if a person is trying to physically harm people or is pointing a gun at someone, the security guard can use lethal force. This will prevent further people from getting hurt and will end the situation right then and there until the authorities arrive.


Act as a Mediator

In a situation in which two people are arguing in public, a security guard can act as a mediator between them. The security guard will try to calm them both down and ask a simple question, such as, “What seems to be the problem?” The emergence of a third-party into an argument, especially an authority figure, usually calms down the situation.


Contact Law Enforcement

If a situation develops that is too big to handle by just one security guard, he or she will be able to contact law enforcement right away. Private security guards from a professional private security company have a good understanding of how to work with law enforcement.


First Security Services only employs highly-trained and professional security officers that would be able to use multiple options to de-escalate a situation. You can be confident that each and every security officer hired from First Security Services will be able to provide you with the protection that you need. Make sure to contact us today for your free consultation!