Tips for Staying Safe at the Workplace After-Hours

So you’re extremely dedicated to your profession and have to stay late at work in order to finish up a project or some paperwork. Whatever the reason is, you should have a thorough understanding of some safety measurements that you should take. After all, staying late at work when mostly everyone else has gone home puts you in extra danger. It could be late at night and your car might be in an underground parking lot, meaning that you’re more vulnerable than usual.


Communication is Essential

You need to make sure that you let your significant other or your co-workers know that you’re still at work. If there happens to be any security guards present, let them know that you’re going to be there for a bit. Also, make sure that your phone is charged and that you have the ability to easily communicate with someone if a problem arises. The point is to make sure that your presence is known and that you aren’t somewhere without anyone knowing about it.


Exercise Extra Caution

You should exercise some extra caution that you normally wouldn’t. Make sure all of the doors are locked, make sure that you’re not leaving any valuables visible from the outside, and make sure to work in a secure area. If you can, work in the back office. If you work in a big building, ask security to walk with you if you have to walk in it, rather than you walking alone. All of this may seem excessive, but it’s necessarily to make sure that you’re safe.


Be Careful Heading Home

Heading home can be a bit dangerous late at night. Your car may be in an underground garage or you may have to walk along some dimly streets until you reach your car. You also may have to walk to public transportation. As is a common theme in this article, ask security to escort you if it’s at all possible. Don’t worry about bothering them. That’s their job.


When you walk to your car, make sure that you have your keys ready so that you don’t waste any time having to get in or to start the car. Be aware of your surroundings and look over your shoulder at times. When you get in the car, immediately lock the doors, even if it seems as if no one is around. If anyone is around that looks suspicious, you should immediately drive away and call the authorities as fast as possible.



Don’t let this deter your from staying late at work. You just have to exercise good judgment, take some proper precautions, and you will minimize the possibility of any danger. For the record, this is also why it’s beneficial for a business to have a security guard or a patrol service. First Security Services will be able to help provide any security services that you may need so that both you and your employees are safe at work. There’s no reason to have to be a victim of fear!