Tips When Hiring a Personal Security Guard

Whether it’s for your home or for your business, hiring a personal security guard is major step, yet also one that can be necessary. But while many personal security companies do everything in their power to make the hiring process as easy as possible, there are still some tips that you should follow to better ensure that you don’t run into any issues.


Tips When Hiring a Personal Security Guard


The following tips will help guide you during the hiring process for personal security services:


Know Your Options For Personal Security


You should always make sure that you know all of the options available to you regarding personal security. Hiring a personal security guard means that you will have to choose from armed or unarmed guards, as well as explain exactly what you need. You should be transparent with personal security companies so that they know your requirements and can recommend you specific personal security services.


Check For Credentials


Credible personal security companies will willingly provide you with the credentials of a personal security guard, often before you even have to ask. But in case they don’t, make sure to ask them for documents that show the experience and background check release of the particular personal security guard. Also, if you need to hire personal security because of a specific concern, it’s important to ask personal security companies if they’d be willing to show the training certifications that the particular personal security guard has. You don’t want to hire someone who is inexperienced or not qualified for your own particular personal security needs.


Once the Personal Security Guard Has Been Hired


Once the personal security guard has been hired, you should be upfront about your expectations. You should also communicate these expectations or rules with the personal security company. For example, you may have a rule in which you don’t allow smoking in the residence that is being protected. You also may forbid the personal security guard to watch TV while on duty. Whatever your rules or requirements are, let it be known upfront. Think of your residence as being a business in which you can set your own rules for your employees. Just make sure to be reasonable.


Another thing that you can add is specific areas that you want watched more than others. If you want to make sure that the underground parking garage is watched more carefully when employees are walking to their cars, specify that clearly and directly.


Ask About Insurance


You may also be able to ask personal security companies about what personal security insurance plans they have available and what you’re covered for. You want to make sure that you protect yourself and/or your own business from any negligence on the part of the personal security guard.


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