Top 5 Reasons To Hire A Security Guard For You San Francisco, CA Event

One of the primary challenges of putting on an event in San Francisco is how to manage the people, traffic, access and crowd. Below we’ll look at five ways a professional security guard can help you manage a large group of attendees for any event in the San Francisco Bay Area.


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1. Parking Enforcement – Parking can be a headache at any event in the City–heck, just trying to park in some places when there’s no event at all can be a challenge. It’s no secret that San Francisco is one of the most densely populated areas of the country, which is why parking and crowd management are essential elements of any event plan in San Francisco.


2. Bag Checks – One of the most basic security procedures that we provide are bag checks at the entry points for an event. Bag checks are important because they allow you to regulate what items are permitted into the event and which are not. Proper bag search procedure should involve a clear understanding of what’s allowed to be carried into the venue, as well as how to identify and respond to items that are not permitted.


3. Crowd Management – Managing crowd dynamics is never an easy task, especially when the size of a crowd approaches the capacity for a building or venue. Hiring an event security guard gives you an element of control over the flow of foot traffic, as well as access control for areas that have limited entry.


4. Access Control – Access control can refer to the front gate access to an event, or it can refer to special areas within a venue. For example, backstage at a concert or a VIP section at a place of business both require some level of access control. In addition to bag checks (mentioned above) access control can also include things like credential verification, metal detectors or x-ray machines and security pat downs. Depending on the type of event being hosted and the number of people expected to attend, your need for access control security may vary.


5. Patron Removal – Removing a paying customer from an event is never a fun job and it’s important to have the right personnel in place and a system of support and communication to address it, if it becomes necessary. The unfortunate reality is that gathering hundreds or thousands of people likely means there will be a few that will need to be escorted out, especially if the event serves alcohol. Hiring an independent security guard to handle the situation takes the burden off of your staff and creates a safer overall environment for everyone involved.



San Francisco Event Safety Resources


Security Planning For Events – A document from the U.S. Department of Justice that details everything you’ll need to know about planning security for a major event. Topics covered include assessing risk, determining responsibility areas, communication and emergency response management.


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Psychology of Crowd Dynamics – If you want to dive into some of the psychology of why crowds behave they way they do, there’s no better person to read than noted social psychologist Steve Reicher.