Uniformed Security Officers For Marijuana Businesses

If you run a marijuana business such as a dispensary or collective, or any other Cannabis- focused retail business, you may be a target for criminal activity – ranging from burglary to “smash and grabs” or even violent hold-ups.

Unfortunately, as marijuana becomes legal for recreational and medicinal purposes across the nation, these kinds of risks are only increasing. Criminals are beginning to realize that marijuana businesses are an ideal target for theft, due to relatively lax security and the high value of Cannabis products.

To protect your business and your employees, it’s a good idea to hire a uniformed security Officer for your marijuana business. At First Security Services, we offer both armed and unarmed uniformed guards who can help deter crime at your business.

You can learn more about how we can help you address the security threats to marijuana businesses below, or contact us for a consultation for more information.

Marijuana Businesses Are High-Profile Targets For Crime, And Need Protection

There are a few reasons that marijuana businesses are becoming targeted by criminals. First, there is the nature of the business. Thanks to difficult regulatory hurdles, most Cannabis businesses must operate on an all-cash model.

This means that, compared to other retail stores, most marijuana businesses have quite a bit of cash on hand at all times. Even if you send your cash to a secure facility at the end of a business day or have it secured in a time-locked safe, criminals may still see your business as a target.

Additionally, Cannabis products are very easy to steal and resell, and are very valuable, without being bulky or hard to carry. This is why one of the most common types of theft at dispensaries is as “smash and grab.” Criminals break into the facility, steal as much product as they can, and leave within minutes – often without even bothering to steal cash.

Finally, criminals know that most marijuana businesses have more product to sell than they have on display. If they perform an armed robbery, they could make out with a lot of money, and a lot of easy-to-sell Cannabis products. If criminals are willing to rob businesses like liquor stores and convenience stores – often for just a few hundred dollars – it’s safe to assume that marijuana businesses are also likely to be targeted.

For all of these reasons, you can’t leave your security up to chance, or depend on local law enforcement to respond quickly enough to protect your employees or staff during a potentially dangerous situation. You need professional protection from a company like First Security services.

Protect Your Business With Uniformed Security Officers From First Security Services

A uniformed security Officer is one of the best ways that you can deter criminal activity at your dispensary or other marijuana business, and make your customers feel safe. The mere presence of an Officer helps discourage crime, and makes your marijuana business a less appealing target for criminals.

At First Security Services, we provide experienced, highly-qualified security Officers, and most of our personnel have experience in the military or law enforcement, enabling them to be highly- effective at threat detection and safeguarding your facility.

Our security Officers can monitor all guests and customers in your store, looking for potentially suspicious behavior, and ensure that all potential points of entrance and exit from your store are closely monitored.

We Offer Both Armed And Unarmed Uniformed Guards For Marijuana Businesses

  • Either an armed or unarmed guard may be right for your business depending on your location, clientele, and any past incidents that may have occurred.
  • Our unarmed guards do not carry guns, but will still carry less-than-lethal tools like pepper spray, ensuring that potential threats can still be addressed, and that your business is not an easy target for criminals. In addition, the mere presence of a uniformed guard will deter those who may wish to steal from your store.
  • Our armed guards are all extensively trained to use their service weapons, and go through rigorous courses to ensure that they are properly equipped to respond to emergency situations, such as a robbery or smash and grab.
  • As a rule, we recommend considering an armed guard for your marijuana business. There are, unfortunately, instances where armed, violent criminals have robbed dispensaries and killed guards who were unarmed. For the protection of your security partners, staff, and customers, an armed, uniformed guard who is trained to respond to violent crime is the best option.
  • Regardless of your choice, a uniformed guard at your facility will help deter crimes like shoplifting and burglary, as well as violent crime, such as a smash and grab. Criminals will avoid dispensaries with tight security and uniformed guards.

Our Security Officers Are Specialists In The Cannabis Industry

  • We have been operating a Cannabis-focused division of our security service for years, composed of individuals who have experience in the Cannabis industry, and who have proven themselves to be competent, professional, and cool-headed in every situation.
  • Unlike some other security companies in California, we don’t just offer you security staff who have no experience in your field. Our Officers are trained on all marijuana compliance requirements and best practices for security at marijuana businesses – which ensures that you get the best possible service from First Security Services.

First Security Services – We Provide Customer-Focused Service At Your Business

  • Our goal is not for our security Officers to make your business feel threatening, or to make customers feel uncomfortable. In an ideal world, security would not be necessary at marijuana dispensaries, but thanks to criminal activity, it’s a fact of life – and security staff are even required by law in some areas of California thanks to local laws and regulations related to the sale and use of Cannabis products.
  • At First Security Service, our uniformed guards are trained for customer service skills, and to work closely with your team to ensure that all of your visitors and guests feel welcomed. Whether you need a guard to check IDs at the door, patrol the area, or monitor security footage, our goal is to provide excellent service, both to you and your customers.

Learn More About Our Services Today – Contact First Security Services

  • At First Security Services, we have more than 2,000 security personnel throughout the entire state of California, and a large number of armed and unarmed guards who specialize in security for businesses in the Cannabis industry.
  • If you’d like to learn more about what we do or request a quote for our services, please contact us right away. We’re always happy to hear from potential customers, and we can discuss our services and the benefits of choosing First Security Services in further detail. Don’t wait. Get started today, and make sure that you protect your business, your employees, and your customers from violent crime.