Video Surveillance Systems May Use Drones in the Future

Drones are growing increasingly popular these days and will only continue to grow in popularity during the next few years. While initially only used by the military, filmmakers, and scientists, drones have become so popular that you can now even buy a personal one at many major electronic stores.


Video Surveillance Systems May Use Drones in the Future


Given their ability to scope out large amounts of property from the sky, it was only matter of time before drones were incorporated into video surveillance systems, particularly ones with alarm functions. Though it has not yet been fully implemented, here are some of the very real benefits and possibilities of incorporating drones into video surveillance systems:


Can Investigate Any Suspicious Occurrences

Small, mini-drones are currently being developed that can act as a sort of investigative force should the video surveillance system spot anything suspicious or if the alarm system on a large property is triggered. When this occurs, the drones can deploy out of a designated area and fly to the site in question, providing extra sets of eyes through a live video feed. This live video feed can be sent to the owner’s phone or computer, as well as to the alarm or security company.


Mini-drones that use the Snapdragon Flight drone platform that’s developed by Qualcomm are in the concept stage right now to make this a reality sooner than later.


Gives the Owner More Security Control

Imagine wanting to check up on your property yourself, whether it’s inside your home or outside of your company building. In the future, it will be possible to use special software through your computer, tablet, or phone to control a drone that provides a live video feed right back to your device.


Picture this scenario – you and your spouse have gone on a weekend trip somewhere and want to make sure that everything in your home is the way that it was when you left it. You’ll be able to access the drone that’s situated in your home and can control its movement with your computer device, giving you a real-time view of multiple rooms and areas within your home.


This drone could also be equipped with special strobe lights or alarm sounds to ward off any thieves should you receive an alert about a break-in. Depending on the security company, you may even grant them control of the drone in case of an emergency situation, such as during a break-in.


If the drone is located outdoors, it may even be able to follow a robber as they try to get away, which will be of immense help to law enforcement as they try to catch them.


Enhances Current Video Surveillance Services

Drones will not be an entire substitute for current video surveillance technology. Instead, think of them as an enhancement or supplement to it. It will greatly increase the effectiveness of video surveillance systems, which ultimately means less crimes that are being committed or left unsolved.


This is the evolution of video surveillance!