What Are Private Security Contractors?


When discussing private security services in comparison to public security, a distinction has to be made between the different types of private companies that exist. The main distinction to make is the difference between private security contractors as opposed to those employed in private security companies or private security agencies.


What Are Private Security Contractors?


It should be noted that private security contractors, unlike either private security companies or private security agencies, is a term that can be used to describe a company that provides military-like services in addition to regular security services. Both private security companies and private security agencies, on the other hand, provide more of the traditional security services that one thinks of, such as office security and retail security.


While private security contractors can refer to the company itself, it’s also a term used to describe those who work for them, which is used in replacement of private security guards or officers. Traditionally, private security contractors had military backgrounds but things are changing now. The following are the two main types of private security contractors:


Tier 1 Operators


The Tier 1 operator position is the more lucrative of the two, and, as a result, it is one that is usually comprised of former military personnel that have had special operations experience. This can include former members of the Special Forces or Navy SEALs. However, while Tier 1 operators are usually former military personnel with special operations experience, many private security companies and private security agencies will accept qualified applicants who were former law enforcement members. That’s because certain law enforcement agencies have their own divisions that are paramilitary in nature.


Tier 2 Operators


Tier 2 operators are those who were either former military or law enforcement personnel who do not have special experience in special operations. Private security contractors who are considered to be Tier 2 operators usually have more traditional military or police experience, such as in infantry. These are the more common types of operators, and many normal private security companies and private security agencies employ private security contractors who could be considered to be Tier 2 operators.


Becoming a Private Security Contractor


Private security companies and private security agencies that hire private security contractors always need to verify their credentials. This includes verifying their previous experience and viewing detailed recommendations and certifications. If someone has neither prior military or law enforcement experience, he or she can still potentially become a private security contractor after going through extensive training. Various companies exist that offer arduous and detailed training courses.


In regular private security companies and private security agencies, more and more contractors are being hired that have greater skill-sets than before. This is partly due to the competition that exists between various private security companies and agencies, as well as the more elaborate needs that clients have. Private security contractors can be both armed or unarmed and can act as bodyguards or escorts, as well as can provide field security, location security, office security, and even traffic security.


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