What Are VIP Security Guards Trained In?

VIP security security and VIP protection brings with it many different and unique security aspects that aren’t necessarily present in other types of security services. As a result, VIP security guards have to have specific training in order to carry out VIP security services effectively, especially with the growing demands of this specific industry.


What Are VIP Security Guards Trained In?


VIP security guards certainly have all of the training of regular security guards, especially in terms of stopping crimes and getting in touch with law enforcement, but here are the unique skills that they also possess:


Estate Security


Many times, those who request VIP security services have a need for 24/7 VIP protection to some degree. This means that VIP security guards have to often remain at the estate of the individual or individuals. As a result, VIP security guards are extremely well trained in being able to provide estate security, which includes:

  • Understanding all types of alarm systems;
  • Ability to engage in full estate patrolling;
  • Performing inventory checks of personal items of client or clients, including expensive or sentimental personal items;
  • Creating and maintaining visitor logs;
  • Working with other estate staff members.


The degree to which estate security skills have to be utilized depends on the particular client.


Public Relations Skills


More often than not, a client who requests VIP security services will have some degree of recognition. VIP security guards, as a result, will need expert public relations skills. This means that VIP security has to be provided in a way that takes into account the public microscope that the VIP client may be living under, in which every action is judged.


VIP protection, first and foremost, will involve protecting the client, but it also means being mindful not to create a scandal, a lawsuit, or negative publicity regarding how fans, unauthorized individuals, paparazzi, and so forth are dealt with. It also means being able to deal with media questions.


Providing Just Enough Space


Since VIP protection entails constantly shadowing the client, a VIP security guard has to have a firm understanding of how to not be overbearing at times. This can be a tricky balance to achieve, but it means giving the client enough space to live a “normal” life during his or her daily routine or trips, while not compromising security at all.


Managing Large and Intrusive Crowds


VIP security guards have to take into account the large crowds that may surround clients and act accordingly. This includes managing fans who may be asking for autographs or pictures, as well as the paparazzi. VIP security guards will need to be able to respectively manage these individuals in a calm, yet controlled manner.


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