What Do Hotel Security Guards Do?

Pretty much every hotel employs hotel security guards, as it’s an absolute necessity to ensure the safety of both hotel guests and staff. But what exactly is the job description for a hotel security guard?




Read on to find out more.


Monitor CCTV

Hotels can be large, expansive places. As a result, CCTV is commonly found, since security cameras are always placed around the hotel. Hotel security guards will be constantly monitoring the CCTV to make sure that there are no break-ins or incidents that are occurring. Monitoring the CCTV also helps to catch any thefts that have occurred after the fact, since they will be able to spot possible suspects on camera.


Handle Incidents With Guests

Hotel security guards can also handle incidents with guests. For example, if a domestic violence situation occurs, hotel security can show up to the room and interview the occupants separately. If any visible signs of injury are present, the hotel security can then get in contact with law enforcement. They will also be able to provide crucial details that can aid any police investigation that’s being done. Domestic violence is a major issue in many hotels, and hotel security can do their best to handle the situation from further escalating.


Act as Event Security

Many hotels host important events and conferences, and hotel security guards can act as the security for them. They can make sure that only people who are invited are able to have access to the conference room or other closed off locations. In addition, hotel security guards can make sure that the event goes as smoothly as possible without any incidents. If a speech is being given, for example, and a member of the audience is being particularly disruptive, hotel security can escort that person off of the premises.


Monitor the Parking Area

Hotel security guards also can monitor the parking areas, both ones that are indoor and ones that are outdoor. They can do this through monitoring the CCTV, but they also will patrol the areas from time to time to make sure that every car is safely parked without any break-ins or thefts occurring.


Escort Guests to Locations

Hotel security guards can also help to escort guests to their rooms, such as if the guest is sick or has lost his or her room key. They will understand the layout of the entire hotel and can also provide directions to the guests if needed. For larger hotels, especially ones with many amenities, this is an expected service.


Protect the Staff

The staff are also in need of protection, especially against unruly or aggressive hotel guests. If a staff member feels threatened, he or she can radio in to security, who will come and defuse the situation. It’s imperative that the staff feel secure in their work environment.


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