What Do Security Guards Really Do?

Before entering the security industry, I knew very little about what security guards did outside of movies like “Paul Blart: Mall Cop.” Hollywood had shaped my view of security guards as overweight, under-educated, and uncoordinated people who couldn’t find a job anywhere else. It wasn’t until my good friend became a trained security guard, and convinced me to become one to, that I began to see the actual value and service that security guards provide. Here are the top things that security guards do to provide value for business all across the country.


Provide a Presence

The most effective deterrent of crime is simply having a presence, which is why hiring a private security firm has shown to reduce crime by as much as 50%. In most cases, this is because burglars do not want to be seen, much less caught, and knowing that someone is patrolling a place of business is usually enough to persuade to find a less populated target. Private security may seem like a big expense, but you have to calculate your potential savings to truly understand the ROI. If your business isn’t open 24 hours and is left empty overnight, it might make sense to hire a security patrol to deter potential criminals.


Make Employees Feel Secure

In rougher neighborhoods and cities, it can be dangerous walking up or into some office buildings, especially if they are in downtown metropolitan areas. Americans are working longer and longer hours, which means workers are leaving the office once the sun has set (especially during the winter months).  Providing security guards to monitor entrances/exits and parking lots can go a long way towards making your employees fail safe and keep them from leaving your company. Large businesses in downtown areas of San Francisco, Oakland, and San Jose are some of our biggest clients because of these issues that they face with their employees.


Monitor Security Cameras

Your employees have enough to worry about than having to sit in front of security cameras all day. Security guards are trained to monitor security footage for suspicious activity, and work with security camera systems to find archival footage needed in case of investigations. In addition, some retail businesses do have the unfortunate reality of having to deal with employee theft. Hiring a 3rd party to manage this aspect of security ensures that employees don’t have an incentive to turn a blind eye to the cameras.


Make the Community Safer

Since most security guards don’t wear guns, and their sole purpose is to protect businesses and customers, they have an overall positive impact on creating a peaceful community. If you are considering hiring a security guard for your business, I encourage you to reflect upon these four key functions of what a security guard does and see if hiring a patrol makes sense for you.


What Do Security Guards Really Do?