What Does a Gaming Surveillance Officer Do?

General Overview

There are many different types of security guard positions, but one position that isn’t as well known by name is that of a gaming surveillance officer. But if you’ve ever been to Las Vegas or a casino, you’ve certainly seen them in action.


What Exactly is a Gaming Surveillance Officer?

A gaming surveillance officer works in casinos and other similar types of establishments for the purpose of monitoring all patrons and employees in order to prevent theft and fraud. In addition, a gaming surveillance officer can also act as a normal security officer in terms of protecting the establishment and all of those in it from other types of crimes, both of the violent and non-violent varieties.

*(More information about a gaming surveillance officer can be found at the Bureau of Labor Statistics’s website, a unit of the US Department of Labor, at: https://www.bls.gov/oes/current/oes339031.htm)

What Are Their Actual Duties?

A gaming surveillance officer can wear many hats in this position. The main job duties that he or she will have to perform can consist of the following:

  • Monitor the casino floor and casino hotel to detect and prevent cheating and theft;
  • Escort unruly patrons out of casino floor and/or back to their hotel room;
  • Use audio and video monitoring equipment to observe all areas of the establishment;
  • Cooperate and assist law enforcement and prosecutors for any incidents or cases involving the establishment;
  • Provide security at the cashier’s exchange and during large exchanges of money;
  • Observe dealer and patron activity at specific gambling tables, as well as watch specific tables through the use of one-way mirrors;
  • Prepare and present both written and verbal reports to superiors of any suspicious behavior.

If a gaming surveillance officer also happens to work at a casino with a hotel attached to it, he or she may also have to visit a specific hotel room if there’s noise complaints, a domestic dispute, or any sort of suspicious behavior that’s evident.

What Types of Establishments Do They Operate In?

Gaming surveillance officers mainly operate in casinos or a combined casino and hotel, but they also can be found at:

  • Racetracks
  • Sporting events

Within all of the establishments that they work in, gaming surveillance officers certainly will patrol the properties, sometimes to act as a deterrent, but they will spend a great deal of time in observation rooms. These rooms will be equipped with sophisticated audio and video equipment, especially if it’s a casino.

The Qualifications to Becoming a Gaming Surveillance Officer

Gaming surveillance officers, due to the nature of where they operate, are often required to have certain qualifications that other security guard positions may not require. When applying to be a gaming surveillance officer, a candidate should:

  • Have advanced knowledge or at least be comfortable with using sophisticated surveillance equipment;
  • Be able to communicate in a clear and controlled manner with patrons, staff, and law enforcement officials;
  • Understand specific gambling rules of each game that’s being observed (if working at a casino) in order to spot possible cheating;
  • Have well-developed observation and judgment skills.

Another qualification, in addition to the ones above, is that a gaming surveillance officer often must have a healthy credit score and an above-average credit history. Those with bankruptcies or a poor credit score may not be hired, as many gaming employers consider them as being more susceptible to potentially being involved in theft or fraud within the gaming establishment.

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