What Does Security Consulting Consist Of?

Security consulting that is done professionally abides by the idea that the whole is greater than the sum of the parts. Whether you’re interested in hiring a security consultant or considering seeking employment in this job position, understanding what it actually consists of is important.


What Does Security Consulting Consist Of?


Keep in mind that a description of security consulting has to be provided in general terms, as each employer has different particularities and environmental situations that dictate different security measures.


Threats and Vulnerabilities

One of the primary job descriptions of a security consultant is to perform an analysis of the threats and vulnerabilities of the employer. A multidisciplinary approach should be taken in which things are viewed from multiple perspectives. Some of the main aspects that are carried out are:

  • Analyzing areas that are currently exposed and if they have had their security compromised in the past;
  • Performing a gap analysis in order to determine if any areas of a company’s current security does not meet accepted industry standards;
  • Gauging the work environment through performing interviews with important personnel and company employees;
  • Providing a list of recommendations based upon found security vulnerabilities, which includes security measures that should be incorporated.


Security Training

A second aspect of security consulting is providing security training. These security training programs that can be provided to a company can be personalized to the company’s exact needs. Some of the different aspects of the security training that can be provided are security issues related to:

  • Violence in the workplace;
  • Crisis management;
  • Workplace traveling;
  • General security measures.


A security consultant can work with the company’s existing security personnel on a one-on-one basis or through group presentations in order to provide training. In addition, training seminars can be presented to the company’s employees that will provide them with information on what to do in case of various security emergencies.


Incorporate Security Changes

Security consultants can also help to incorporate security changes at all levels of the company. Based upon the security audit that’s conducted, a security consultant, if allowed to, can implement various new security measures and procedures throughout the company, which can include security related to:

  • Policies and procedures;
  • Electronic surveillance and alarm systems;
  • Security personnel.


A security consultant will work closely with management for the purposes of transparent communication and to make sure that any security changes that are implemented are done so within the allotted budget. The degree to which a security consultant can incorporate security changes depends largely upon this, in addition to the management’s instructions.


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