What is a National Special Security Event?

Event security services provide expert security protections to many types of events, such as conferences, corporate gatherings, company parties, press conferences, charity events, and so forth. But one type of event that is not as well known is a National Special Security Event, which is also referred to as a NSSE, which calls for special types of event security guards.


What is a National Special Security Event?


A National Special Security Event is an event that the United States Department of Homeland Security (https://www.dhs.gov) has classified as being particularly vulnerable to or a target of various criminal or terroristic activities. Event security at National Special Security Events is much more stringent as a result.


What Characteristics Do National Special Security Events Have?


The Department of Homeland Security bases their decision on whether or not to classify an event as a National Special Security Event based off of many different reasons. The most common characteristics that the DHS looks at regarding National Special Security Events though are:

  • The Scope of the Event: If an event is quite large in terms of the amount of people expected to attend, this means that event security requirements will increase as well. The larger the event is, the more likely it is to be a target of terrorists and other criminals.
  • The Importance of the Event: If an event is particularly significant, such as being extremely important from a political or cultural perspective, the security threat is heightened as a result, meaning that there will be the need for more event security guards.
  • The Attendees of the Event: If many dignitaries and other officials of the United States government or from foreign governments are expected to attend, for obvious reasons this will usually be deemed a National Special Security Event and will require extensive event security services.
  • Length of the Event: The longer that a special event is expected to occur, such as one that takes place over multiple days or even weeks, the more likely it is to be classified as a National Special Security Event. That’s because long events may test the ability and resources of state and local law enforcement to be able to provide event security. This is why additional security guards for special events have to be called upon.
  • The Potential Threats of the Event: If the Department of Homeland Security determines that they event is a potential target from terrorists or other criminals, it could be classified as a National Special Security Event. This can also include the threat of civil disobedience occurring. Often times, the DHS relies on tips and information that they receive before the event, such as through their intelligence gathering.


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