What Makes a Great Security Guard?

Having the necessary credentials and training is only one part of the equation. What makes a great security guard and separates the person from a good guard are a variety of qualities and attributes, both of the mental and physical variety. Here are 5 of the most important ones:


Mental Alertness

A great security guard has to be completely aware of his or her surroundings at all times. The security has to be focused and alert and not get lazy or complacent. If a security guard spends more time texting rather than watching the monitors or doing the necessary patrols, he or she can miss various incidents or suspicious activities. The point is that a great security guard does not become distracted, and a great security guard always knows what to look out for.


Fitness Level

Physical fitness is also another aspect. The person has to engage in regular exercise. After all, what good is a security guard if he or she will become winded when chasing after a criminal? A great security guard has to also look the part. This means being in good shape from a cardiovascular and strength level, which will, in turn, carry over to improving the guard’s mental alertness level as well.


Communication Ability

Communication is vital. A great security guard has to be able to communicate extremely well both in written form and in verbal form. The guard has to convey things clearly, even in stressful situations, especially if the guard has to alert the local authorities or give a statement. Plus, a security guard that communicates effectively will be able to answer questions from customers, clients, and so forth and direct them as needed.



The fourth attribute is the ability to carry out the duties and their specifications. If a security guard is given a certain protocol to follow, such as entering specific key codes at the end of the working day, the guard must be able to do so. If the guard is expected to act as more of a guide for customers, he or she must know the layout of the store. A great security guard also has to be calm in the face of an emergency or unexpected situation. Experience often helps with that. The key is consistency.


Being Honest

Finally, honesty is also extremely important. A security guard has to maintain the utmost professionalism at all times, meaning that the guard has to follow their duties completely. Their “honesty” comes into play in upholding their commitment. They can’t give anyone special privileges without the necessary authorization. In addition, a security guard should have an incident-free background, meaning that during a background check, no instances of any activities that are considered to be dishonest should appear.


At First Security Services, we strive to employ only the finest security guards. This means employing guards that have all of the above attributes in combination with all of the necessary qualifications. This is what makes First Security Services one of the finest security options available. Contact us today for a free consultation!