What Situations Call for a Security Guard in Sacramento?

Sacramento is an area where residents and businesses should consider security services. The city boasts a high crime rate, with a violent crime rate more than double the national average. 


What Situations Call for a Security Guard in Sacramento?


If your business thrives in the Sacramento economy, you might be interested in working with a private security company. There are many costs associated with crime, including: 

  • Disruptions to your business and the services you provide
  • Bad publicity and the loss of your reputation
  • Damaged property, equipment, or stolen goods


Private security guards in Sacramento are a great way for you to protect your business from potential threats, keep your customers safe, and ensure that your business is open and running when it should be.

Common Situations Where Security Guards Are Required

Retail Stores

A security guard’s job is to deter crime in a retail setting. Most criminals are less likely to shoplift if they know someone is watching them, even more so if the guard is armed.


Deciding whether to hire professional security for your retail store comes down to how much you want to protect yourself, your business, and your customers. Security guards often pay for themselves by reducing the amount of goods that are stolen from your business.


You may find yourself in need of some additional security when cameras and alarms aren’t enough. That’s where security guards come into play.

Construction Sites

Construction sites contain valuable materials and equipment. While most of it is too heavy to steal, keeping tabs on your site so that nothing is tampered with, damaged, or stolen is a wise decision. 


You also have to consider the opportunity cost of shutting down a job site when equipment is damaged, materials are stolen, and other disruptive activities prevent your crews from doing their jobs.


Security guards are capable of protecting your job sites, so you can keep your projects going no matter what.

Condo Buildings

Whether you’re running a condo, hotel, or apartment, a break-in is not only a safety concern but also an expensive issue that can make your homeowners or tenants feel hesitant about renting from you. These types of crimes also require insurance claims, which can add to your administrative costs.


A security guard is an easy solution to this problem. They can be stationed at major entranceways, doorways, and in other areas that require additional security. This will boost the confidence of your residents, and ensure that your building is safe for everyone.

Cannabis Businesses

Cannabis regulations are extremely strict. Businesses must have valid security plans, high-quality security systems, and on-site guards. Our company provides detailed Cannabis security services to companies in Sacramento and throughout most of California.

Private Events

Security guards are needed for most public events. They are necessary for keeping your guests safe and to reduce the threat of liability by mitigating potential risks before they occur. They are often the first response your business has when a situation is spiraling out of control.

Private Security Guards Are Important for Your Business

Security guards are an investment that’s worth making for your business. They stop expensive incidents from occurring before they spiral out of control, saving you and your business time and money. 


There are many situations where private security guards can reduce your liability, operational costs, and guarantee that your business runs as efficiently and safely as possible.

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