What to Do in Case of a Home Invasion

A home invasion can be an extremely traumatic experience, one that can lead to bodily harm or even worse. While the very best security systems can greatly limit the chances of a successful home invasion occurring, it’s better to be prepared for anything.


What to Do in Case of a Home Invasion


Knowing what to do in case of a home invasion is extremely important in ensuring that you and/or your family make it out okay. Read on to find out more:


Don’t Try to Confront Them


Contrary to what’s seen on TV, it’s not a good idea necessarily to confront the intruders, unless you have a gun or weapon readily on hand. Confronting the intruders can lead to them reacting violently and can result in you and/or your family being hurt. Instead of confronting them, it’s better to try to escape or hide. Try to make as little noise as possible.


Call 911


One of the first things that you should do is to call 911. Be direct and to the point with the dispatcher. State that your home has been broken into, provide your address, and express the urgency of the situation. That’s it. You want to talk as little as possible so that you don’t alert the intruder as to your location inside the house. Place your phone in your pocket immediately after and make sure that it’s on silent.


Go to a Safe Room


No, this doesn’t mean an elaborate safe room as in the movies. Instead, you should go to a part of the house where you can safely hide. This is where planning ahead of time is useful. This room or location, such as a closet, should be able to lock from the inside. Once again, always have your cell phone with you, even if it means that you can only text a family member or friend.


Remain Calm and Cooperative


If you do find yourself coming face to face with the intruder or the intruders, try to remain as calm as possible. Speak in a normal voice, ask them what they want, and cooperate with them. If they simply want money and/or valuable household items, give it to them. Now is not the time to try to be a hero. Money and items can always be replenished, but you and/or your family’s life cannot. Explain to them that you will give them what they want. Don’t make any sudden moves or threaten them. They have the upper hand in this situation.


Grab Protection


Once again, just as with a safe room, this is where planning ahead of time can really pay off. Make sure to have protection readily nearby, such as a gun or a baseball bat. This should be easily reachable in your bedroom. An ideal place would be under the mattress or in a nightstand drawer.


A home invasion is something that an individual or family should be prepared to deal with ahead of time. First Security Services, through its sister company, First Alarm Services, will be able to provide you with advanced security that can immediately alert law enforcement should a break-in occur. Contact us today for your free consultation!