When It Makes Sense to Hire Unarmed Security Guards

If you’re deciding to hire security guards for the first time, you will be faced with the choice of whether to hire unarmed security guards or armed security guards. Both types of security guards have their benefits, but there are some instances and circumstances in which hiring unarmed security services would be more of a prudent decision.




There is a Low Threat Level


If there is a low threat level at the location in which security is needed, unarmed guards might be the better option than hiring armed guards. Some examples of settings in which unarmed security guards would be the better choice include areas where traffic control is mainly needed, entry access control is the focal point, or general surveillance is required.


In areas where the threat level is low, an unarmed security guard will be a better choice. However, you should always discuss this with the security company before deciding whether or not unarmed security services is the right choice to make. They will be able to assess your security needs and determine if unarmed guards is sufficient for your security needs.


If Armed Security Guards May Scare Employees or Clients


In some settings, such as schools, having armed security guards present may scare those present on a day-to-day basis. This is dependent on the particular location, but you should determine if there will be any uneasiness among the majority of those present in the location before deciding between unarmed guards or armed guards. Of course, the main priority is providing the very best in protection, which is something that should always be kept in mind. In today’s climate in which gun control is a constant source of debate among the general public, it’s important to assess the environment fully before making a decision.


Liability Issues


You need to consider the amount of liability that you’re willing to take on. With unarmed guards, there will be far less liability issues that you may have to deal with, since they will not have access to lethal force. A professional security company will be able to provide you with expert and professional unarmed or armed security guards that will know when or when not to use force. Nonetheless, if your threat level is low, unarmed security guards might be better for your company.


Consider What Unarmed Security Services There Are


Unarmed security services are actually quite comprehensive in which much of it doesn’t use armed security. Security monitoring through CCTV, providing authorized access, escort services, and alarm systems are all aspects of security that have nothing to do with armed security. Remember, armed security is always something that should be a last resort. There are many  other ways to diffuse a security threat.


First Security Services will be able to assess your security needs and have a detailed, open, and honest conversation with you to determine if unarmed security services would better suit you. Make sure to contact us today for a free consultation!