Where Are Residential Security Guards Employed?

Security guards are often associated with providing security to commercial properties and businesses. However, residential security guards also provide a highly valuable service. Most of the security of residential properties consists of alarm systems and even electronic surveillance, but in some instances, residential security guards would be just as vital, perhaps even more so, to ensuring the protection of the property.




Gated Communities

A gated community consisting of residential properties should always have a residential security guard present, since a residential security guard will be able to:

  • Allow only authorized residents or guests inside the community, such as through a visitor’s log;
  • Provide 24/7 security protection, even during holidays, to prevent theft and other crimes from occurring;
  • Respond to emergencies involving residents, such as a domestic dispute or a health issue, before law enforcement or medical assistance can arrive;
  • Regularly patrol the residential community.


In private gated communities, residential security guards that are well-trained, such as those from First Security Services, do not simply act as gatekeepers in letting vehicles in and out. They will be detail-oriented and can help to provide peace of mind to all of those who live in the residential neighborhood, especially families with children.


Nursing Homes

At nursing homes, residential security guards should also be employed. They can provide on-site security in which the residents of the nursing home will be guarded against intruders. Furthermore, a residential security guard can prevent any of the elderly from leaving the premises if they’re not supposed to.


Apartment Complexes

Apartment complexes also should employ residential security guards in many instances. Residential security guards can not only make sure that only residents and their guests are allowed in the apartment building, but they can provide many additional safeguards. These safeguards can consist of:

  • Responding to noise complaints;
  • Responding to any disputes among residents, including domestic violence;
  • Responding to medical emergencies;
  • Contacting the authorities when necessary;
  • Preventing the theft of any package or mail delivery;
  • Providing guest services after the main office has closed for the day;
  • Engaging in regular security patrols of the complex and its amenities.


Residential Security Guards Can’t Be Replaced

Despite the advancements that have been made in electronic surveillance and alarm systems, residential security guards cannot be entirely replaced. They simply provide too many services and functions that many residents require. Residential security guards are able to assist residents in various emergencies and to work in conjunction with law enforcement with any crime investigations.


In the case of a medical emergency, residential security guards trained in First Aid could provide vital medical treatment before the EMTs arrive. Vandalism also remains a very real threat for residents of all types, and having private residential security guards present can help to prevent them from even occurring, rather than having to simply deal with the fallout.


First Security Services has been providing only the finest in residential security guards for decades and counting. We’d be able to make sure that your residential community is fully protected and that all of your security issues are resolved. Make sure to contact us today for your free consultation!