Which Industries Are Now Hiring More Security Guards

General Overview

Virtually every industry has a need for security guards in some form, as security guards are essential in ensuring that a business or company has the necessary protection in place for both its employees and its consumers. This is why the security guard industry itself has grown around 17% from 2006 to 2016.


Which Industries Are Now Hiring More Security Guards


Leading the growth are industries which are now either just starting to hire security guards to any significant degree or are actually increasing their hiring rates.

The following are some of these key industries:

Academic Institutions and Schools

Colleges around the country, as well as elementary schools, middle schools, and high schools, are hiring private security guards at far higher rates than in the past, a rate which is only continuing to grow. The reason why they’re hiring private security officers are:

    • To act as a deterrent and/or to stop school shootings;
    • To quell the protests and riots at college campuses due to the current political atmosphere;
    • To protect controversial guest speakers;
    • To monitor school bullying;
    • To prevent or to respond to campus rape.

There is a bit of controversy as to whether or not private security guards at schools, especially elementary and middle schools, should be armed. However, given the school shootings that have occurred in recent years, an armed security guard can save many lives if he or she is carrying a weapon.

Fast Food Restaurants and Drinking Establishments

In many cities in Europe, even small fast food restaurants and drinking establishments will have a security guard present. While bouncers have always been common in the US, now fast food restaurants are hiring private security guards more than ever before. A bar & grill establishment is one such example of a type of place that’s putting more security in place.

Private security guards will be able to protect patrons and employees from unruly customers, prevent robberies, and also act as a witness to law enforcement. In the age of viral videos and accusations, a private security guard can provide key information to law enforcement officials about anything that the establishment has been accused of or that has been deemed controversial.

Commercial Properties and Office Buildings

Private security officers will, of course, provide the expected types of protection at commercial properties and office buildings, but another key protection that they provide is in preventing corporate espionage.

The threat of corporate espionage for individual companies doesn’t just come from domestic competitors but also from international competitors as well. Security guards are trained to spot suspicious activities or individuals, as well as are now being trained in more extensive cyber security measures. It’s no surprise then that more and more companies are hiring private security guards to monitor their commercial properties and office buildings.

Marijuana Dispensaries

Marijuana is now available in 29 states, as well as in Washington, D.C. Whether it’s available in medical marijuana dispensaries or in one of the seven states in which it can be sold recreationally, marijuana dispensaries are becoming more commonplace and growing in popularity. At the start of 2018, California finally had marijuana dispensaries with recreational licenses opened to the public.

Security guards at marijuana dispensaries are an absolute requirement because marijuana dispensaries deal in cash only transactions. Banks do not allow for debit or credit card transactions at these establishments due to the sale or distribution of marijuana still being illegal under federal law. As such, marijuana dispensaries have thousands of dollars in cash at their locations.

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